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  1. I’m surprised by how much I liked this first issue.

    This is looking to be a good week of comics.

  2. Nice can on Mockingbird on that there cover. I enjoyed the first issue, but I was a bit thrown by how young Clint looked. I like our Clint a bit more grizzled.  

  3. I need to re-read the first issue. I didn’t like it that much, and kinda want to drop it, but i hate to think i might miss out on a decent Clint story. Very conflicted.

  4. The first issue was pretty good, and I have no reason to believe this will be anything less. And I’m always up for more Clint Barton stories!

  5. Ughh, sorry, but I could do without the emphasis on Mockingbird ass-shots on these covers.  Still, I liked the first issue pretty well.  Hope there’s more Bucky in this!

  6. I’m gonna re-read my issue 1, but due to money, i think i’m dropping this. I didn’t hate it…there are just so many others id rather keep ahold of.

  7. Liked the first ish and  everything, but I might have to trade this. There’s a couple books that I put out on my pull this week that are maybes. Just too many books to actually pick them all up. Might get em on a slow week.

  8. This Mockingbird and Ronin love team is like DC Comics Green Arrow and Black Canary love team I wonder which love life will bloom will it be Marvel Comics’ Ronin loves Mockingbird or DC Comics’ Green Arrow madly in love with Black Canary team up.

  9. I loved everything about this issue.  The page layout , the story ,the black and white scenes, the heartfelt emotions through out the book.  Easily one of my favorite books in a while.

  10. @ohcaroline – show her from the other side, and someone will complain about her chest. She’s an extremely fit woman in skintight clothes. What do you expect? It’s not like its an upskirt shot of her thong.

    Also, female artist.

  11. @josh  I’m pretty sure a female artist also did the tentacle porn cover on Heroes for Hire a few years back.  I’m not a cheesecake vigilante or anything, and this isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen.  This has just been two issues in a row with a similar pose.

  12. Oh, also, this issue was awesome.  I love Bobbi.

    And speaking of covers, I asked my comic shop guy if there was a Hawkeye variant for this or if I was stuck with the ninja cover, and he just laughed.

  13. Hey, I’m hugely anti-cheesecake art (in spite of how my comment on this week’s JSA was misinterpreted), but… uhuh… that’s purty…

    I think my Sensative Male Card is being revoked this week.

    I liked this issue a lot; it also offered up what I’d say is a decent explanation for Clint’s ninja phase (C’mon! We’ve all had one!) by having it being an amalgam of homages.

  14. Loved this book.

    Still not finished with my books, but this could be my pick of the week.

    I’m totally with Josh on the cover art thing. This is superhero comics. Idealized male and female bodies. Tight clothing. Dramatic posturing. Kind of comes with the genre.

  15. I’m possibly sensitive on this one because last month her thong was riding up.  At least here she’s wearing pants. 

  16. Wasn’t really liking this issue as much as last month’s, but it was good.

  17. I can’t wait for the trade.


    Mind you this was a hint dropped in the first issue(the discussion of which i didn’t participate in) but did anybody else notice in the beginning of the first issue when mockingbird looked in her locker at the hospital that the reflection in the mirror was a skrull face? Hope i didn’t ruin the surprise for myself. If i ruined it for you all i can say is that you were warned

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