What drove Luke Cage’s old friend to a life of crime – and who are the forces out to destroy North Philadelphia? As Cage’s trip into his past continues, can he hold onto the man his family loves — or will an old enemy push him over the edge?

WRITER: John Arcudi
PENCILS: Eric Canete & Pepe Larraz
INKS: Eric Canete
COLORED BY: Javier Rodriguez
LETTERED BY: Jared Fletcher
COVER BY: Eric Canete

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. I really enjoyed the last issue. Mostly for Canete’s art, but darned if Arcudi’s prose didn’t help considerably. What a fun book. 

  2. I agree… THe first issue was very fun and the art was a great pulling point. 

  3. Is that a Fables cover?

  4. As Roger Daltrey would stutter, "I will pa .. pa .. pa .. pass"

  5. The first issue was baller

  6. Didn’t like the first issue. he seems to be the martain manhunter of the avengers. I like him on a team but not in a solo book

  7. 2.5 so far? Ouch. I hope the average doesn’t stay like that.

  8. This was a decent issue, but it meandered a bit. I’m giving it a 4 but it’s really closer to 3.5/5 for me. The art is good, but the fight doesn’t really amount to much. The story isn’t stellar, but I like it. all-in-all a good read.

  9. Liked this issue a lot, but, Jared Fletcher? Please return to lettering school.

  10. Whoa, fill-in artist? Canete couldn’t keep up? Man, I’m kind of surprised. His style is so loose, I can’t imagine his page rate being so low that he can’t keep up a semi-monthly title. Especially a 3-issue mini. But this has a fill in, End League was wicked late. I’m kind of disappointed. 

    That said, Pepe Larraz seems like a real go-getter. His blog has some really nice work. I guess I’ll still pick this up and give Larraz a shot, at least.

  11. The Larraz art wasn’t bad, it just doesn’t have the same energy that Canete has.   I was really disappointed, there was only 8 (!!) pages of Canete in this issue.

  12. Aaaand dropped.

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