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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The battle for Asgard is in full force. One of the biggest battles in all of Marvel history! And at the heart of that war is a battle so intense and crucial that the entire future of the Marvel Universe relies on who emerges victorious. This is the story of that battle!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mike McKone
LETTERED BY: RS & Colorcraft's Albert Deschesne
COVER BY: Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Man if this is all fight Immonen is gonna own this book

  2. @Roi: He’s not drawing it.

  3. Son of a B!!

  4. Mike McKone as I recall has been great on Amazing Spider-Man.  So we’ll see how he does here.  Bendis has been excellent as always.  This is a new arc, should be great.

  5. For some reason i cannot remember NA #62. Guess i gotta go snag it out and re-read it. w00t.

  6. McKone is a fantastic artist, and a worthy fillin for Immonem.

  7. @Fvckstick- conveniently, there are roughly 10 minutes of a podcast, as well as a review, from a month or so ago devoted to it.

  8. ha ha. The first three posts of this thread were one of my favourite exchanges on this site for a long time

  9. I say Immonen will still own it! He is that good.

  10. @edward I really should read the solicits before i post. That’s twice today.

  11. Which new Avengers title is McKone gonna be on? I can’t remember.

  12. @JesseG- Academy

  13. so is this after siege 3?

  14. @voodoomama
    no it’s when the NA drop into the battle of Asgard. So it’s current siege #3

  15. I wanna see Luke just mow people down in this issue

  16. i want to see luke have another heart attack and stall the book for months

  17. So is this the final issue?

  18. @mikeandzod21- nope, #64 then a finale issue.   and that’s only of this volume as there will be a new volume in May.

  19. 3.3? Ouch. Was this not so good?

  20. @ottobot I thought it was great.  But I love Hawkeye/Mockingbird and Alias.  It was nice to see the moments between the meaningful looks.  Not for everybody I guess.

  21. This comic made me question how much I really want to read the Avengers proper.  I’ve already decided against New and Academy, and Secret’s only in the running out of curiosity.

    @mikeandzod21 and ABirdseysView

    There’s also a $5 "New Avengers Finale"  scheduled for the same week as New Avengers #64

  22. which I already mentioned.  see the six-letter word right in the middle of my first sentence?  thanks.

    anywho, I wonder, does Bendis ask for the crazy layouts or do his artists just give them to him?  either way, I always dig it.

  23. McKone was an excellent fill-in for Immonen. My anticipation just went up a little bit for Avengers Academy.

  24. I feel like the last three issue of this have been uncharacteristicly weak.

  25. McKone’s art looked a smidge rushed, but still excellent. I don’t get the weak rating for this issue, I thought it was spot on.

  26. I found the story too disjointed and a bunch of the layouts were a mess. The Cage/Alias stuff was well written, but nothing else worked for me. I do like to think that Cage just threw Venom right into the transport in Seige Embedded #3.

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