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  1. new avengers 50 flashback

  2. Off topic: Man, I used to be almost solely a Marvel reader, but this week, this is the only Marvel book I’m getting in a plethora of DC books that I’m very excited for. To everyone saying that there’s a Marvel bias from the iFanboys, it’s A) not true (as the past few PoWs show) and B) not like they have as many options right now, comparatively. It’s just DCs time for the moment.

    </tangent> (Sorry, it just occured to me and I didn’t know where I ought to comment on it)

    On topic: Just me or is Mockingbird fighting a reeeeeeally uneven match? Ronin (I meant to type "Clint Barton" but somehow that’s what came out! Marvel’s brainwashing has worked!) ought o be helping his lil’ lady out against the god of war. I mean, unless he’s getting nut-punched by a crying Sentry (which is how I imagine he’d fight when not flying into space). 

  3. @capt Ares is easily distracted by pretty women, he is a Greek god after all.  I think Mockingbird has it all set by just using her feminine wiles on him.

    Do you think they will explain why a power disruptor bothers people without powers?  Is everyone in the radius of the blast vomiting up their guts right now? 

  4. @willcrimson-Damn good question!

    Why is Clint out of action?  Or Bucky Cap? And shouldn’t Wolvie just get over it rapidly??

  5. @misterj Wolvie ist there  

  6. I dropped this book for the longest time while Tan did what he calls art but Immonen has me interested again. 

  7. IMMONEN! I’m definitely back on board now that there will be an artist who is guaranteed not to miss his deadlines.

  8. @oldmanlogan-Thanks, forgot that he headed out to SF (didn’t he?)  But that fits right in to what Ron was saying on the podcast about how marvel covers do not relate to interior content as much as they should

    I guess that the bionic arm could explain Bucky-Cap being down.  The bad guys must be using one of them new-fangled wide-spectrum power-dampeners!

  9. @ Torippu – No one else has ever missed their deadlines on New Avengers…DUH!!!

    @rift1128 – I know right, he can’t draw!…Hey, let’s see your drawings!

  10. @Kickass – With that reasoning, you can’t have opinions on movies you watch, music you hear, or anything else until you yourself have made middling-to-stellar productions in each of those mediums (and, for good measure, it’s noticeably better then that which you’re critiquing).

    I try to temper any criticism I give of another’s work by first asking myself "Well, wtf have I done?" AT least they’re out there doing something, of course, but that still doesn’t bar me from having opinions on that which I consume.

    I don’t cook much, but I can still be annoyed when I end up paying for a crappy hamburger.

  11. @captbastrd

    I now how you feel. I used to only buy Marvel books, but in the last few months (since Batman relaunched and Blackest Night began) I have started getting excited for a lot more dc books

  12. Boy I sure am excited for Page 17 Panel 4!

  13. I really love these man-to-man team faceoff covers.  Logan vs. Daken. Captain America vs. Iron Patriot. the real Ms. Marvel vs. Songbird. Spider-Man vs. Venom. Mockingbird vs. … Ares?  um, ok

  14. New Avengers seems caught in a loop. 18 months running/fighting the Mighty Avengers and now 18 months running/fighting Dark Avengers.

  15. There’s absolutely nothing objectively wrong with this book, I’m just getting bored.

  16. This issue was good overall but not amazing. Really interested in the story for The Hood and seeing what he does now though…

  17. Nice Mockingbird scene in this issue.

  18. Love the Mockingbird scenes. Interesting where this is going.

  19. O=! Ok… I like Mockingbird now… which is a bad thing because I just started liking Wonder Woman so if you thought I was broke before… ooh you ain’t seen nothin yet.

    Btw, this issue was worth every penny. I mean for an issue where Osborn get’s surrounded by a bunch of villains without the support of his bootleg stark armor. I’d pay $5.00 if the next issue has osborn’s face being stomped in on the cover followed by 5 pages of relentlessly being beaten.

  20. BTW I’m starting to worry that those "norse stones" are taking a resemblance to "other stones" that grant vast power… those of you into Marvel Cosmic history know what I’m talking about.

  21. I actually had to reread the balloons to make sure they weren’t those stones.

  22. You can’t trust Loki, they sure could be those other stones.

    If they were Asgardian, as opposed to ‘those other stones’ that would play into this ‘event’ with the Magic/Mythological side of the Marvel U.

  23. If they were those stones I would be PISSED since it totally contradicts Pet Avengers, which is, ya know… now in continuity.

  24. I’ve heard mention of the Norn Stones (albeit in Marvel Ultimate Alliance), so no, I’m sure they’re not the … I missed Pet Avengers (kept forgetting that it wasn’t a Marvel Adventure book!) so I’m not sure what stones you guys are referring to.

    My guess is that everyone still has a bad taste from Secret Invasion and the Tan arcs, because I loved this book! I totally get why Bucky Cap went down; CrazyGlassesScientistGuy took out the technological enhancements/powers/equipment at the same time as the organic powers (I’d wager that Spidey could eek out a web because they’re too low tech/more of a tool than a device, if that makes sense). Cap’s arm is probably wired to his neurological system, so it goes down and his system can’t handle the shock.
    Clint going down still makes no sense, but they mention it in the issue, so I’m sure it’ll be explained (mayhap the reason he goes by ‘Ronin’ is he refuses to sully the image of Hawkeye by using something like, oh MGH? He pukes up whatever’s still in him from his latest juicing session, and then he can get back in the swing of things, at a reduced level, maybe? Eh?).

    And in the end, even if they don’t have any explanations for those two, I feel like the ends justify the means (to an extent) because Bendis just gave us the Mockingbird version of ‘Wolverine: Alone’. I doubt that her popularity will skyrocket like Wolvie’s and we won’t likely see her appearing in every single book, but now we get a display of her being a badass for those of us who’ve never seen the hayday (heyday?) of Clint & Bobbi. 5 stars from me.

  25. Oh! Forgot to mention: who else laughed when a de-powered Sentry fell like a damn stone??

    (I just got the NA hardcover with the 1st two story arcs, the 2nd being Sentry. I lend my books out, so I feel like I have to apologize for his being so heavily focused on to whoever I lend this one to. My selling point will be the McNiven art and I’ll begrudge the readers’ skipping it and say that they have to read it to understand what comes later)

    Also, a better analysis of the difference between the Bucky arm and the web shooter than what I said would be: electronic vs mechanical.

  26. This is basically the Dark Avengers that Dark Avengers wasn’t, with bonus Mockingbird, but I still dug it!

  27. Power nullifying is never cool. I hate it.

  28. This had pretty good pacing and action.

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