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  1. Looking forward to Immonen being the regular penciler on this book!

  2. Yup. I’ve never bought an Avengers title but Immonen is making me break that unintentional and, until recently, unnoticed tradition.

  3. How can anyone take away Captain America’s or Black Widow’s powers? They don’t have any. Clint Barton too. 

  4. POW!  POW!

  5. feels like forever. I need more bucky cap before they potentially run him out of the suit.

  6. @supertrackmonkey

    Widow has the power to balance herself in a manner the defies all newtonian laws of physics, remember the image posted a few weeks ago? 🙂

  7. This book is so good it will make your mother say FUCK!

  8. I’ve been read this since #50, and I welcome the change of artists. Not that Tan was particularly bad, in my opinion, but the quality of his pencils seems to be inconsistent.

  9. So long, Tan…. you son of a bitch!!

  10. yeah after consulting my Essential Iron Man Vol. 1, Black Widow’s powers, if any, are technology-based.  However, perhaps it will negate her true powers of being a slut.

  11. When is Dark Reign supposed to be ending?  I really want to try this book, but Dark Reign has been boring in all the other books I’ve been reading so I’d rather wait.

  12. Dark Reign will never die brother.  It’s the poison that is Marvel.  Terrible event.

  13. Dark Reign is supposed to end in December.

    @Slockhart:  Have you been reading IronMan and Spider-Man?  Those two series have actually benefitted from Dark Reign, great stories…

  14. @odino1

    I’ve been reading Spider-Man, and I agree that that was good, but it kinda went down at the end. I’m also reading Iron Man, and I think I just had a bad jumping on point, because I’ve read 3 issues and still can’t gather what’s happening.  Come to think of it, the only other Dark Reign book I read was Dark Avengers for about 6 issues.

  15. Dark Reign will be missed … just like Chocolate Rain …

  16. chubby rain, maybe?

  17. Yeees for Immonen! This should be an interesting read. Can’t wait to see more Doctor Voodoo.

  18. Wow – this is my only pull this week.  Someone suggest a new series that I can pick up at #1 or a new trade that’s just come out.

  19. @Grandturk- "Batman and Robin" and "Chew" are the only new series’ that I have picked up recently. They are both at #2 and I’d recommend either.

  20. @Grandturk Citizen Rex Number 1 is coming out this week, looks really interesting, why not take a chance?

    Also Chew seems pretty good, although I can’t find issue 2 and it’s really annoying.

  21. Everything I ever needed to know about sorcery, I learned from Spider-Man?

    Hellz yeah Stuart Immonen!

    @Grandturk – Dynamo 5 vol. 3 drops this week, if I were you, I’d start picking up those trades. If you like superhero teams and the dynamic (no pun intended) that goes along with it, this is a winner. I know Ron’s been saying how great it is for a long time, and he’s right!

  22. Is it crazy that I’m getting all pissed off about seeing Bucky Cap having his boots colored red in every book other than the regular Cap book?

  23. is it the inconsistency that bothers you or that they are red?

  24. I really wonder if anyone knows why Hawkeye and Mockingbird were on the road to divorce in the first place?  Because Bendis doesn’t seem to…

  25. @magnum240  Does Bendis really need to address something that was taken care of in the Reunion mini? I’m pretty sure, correct me if I’m wrong, that the whole "on the road to divorce" was taken care of in that mini which leaves Bendis free to move forward.

  26. @Roi Well, the whole reason their relationship started getting rocky was due to the fact that Clint couldn’t look her in the face anymore after she LET someone die who had drugged and raped her for months, so him saying he is fully intending on killing someone, yeah, I think that might be something of an issue for her.

  27. @Roi And by ‘her’, I mean Mockingbird.  I am smart.  But, seriously, it was a big issue that never got addressed in Reunion, not that I think it needed to, that story was focusing more on the near end/resolution.  In my head Hawkeye has always been a character that would never, ever even think of killing someone.

  28. Ah yeah HOORAY FOR BENDIS!

    I had a blast reading this. This title’s awesome. 🙂

  29. "What I should have done is gone to Avengers Tower and killed him."

    HAHAHAHA! yes!

  30. Easily the POW and i have 3 books left. The art is finally able to keep up with the story here and Bendis is… well bendis at his best.

  31. Thought this was OK, but really looking forward to the day that we can finally get just a really good, event-free, New Avengers story.  Like the pre Civil War New Avengers arcs, where we can just enjoy the characters and the story and not have to worry about a massive cross-over event that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  There’s too much going on, too many characters, too many side stories to allow the book to gain an momentum.

  32. @Magnum240  Yeah but clints been through a lot, i think this all might be building to him saying he’s going to do it and then realizing at the last minute that there’s a better way, or a more heroic way. Just because you say you want to do something doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it. an I see your point about Reunion but honestly with both characters being dead or presumed dead and finally back together, well I’d be willing to forgive a lot and just be happy that we’re back.

  33. Loved it!

  34. @ABirdseysview
    The inconsistency. It actually looked really good w/ Immonen’s art & the colorists, as opposed to when I saw them colored red in Cap Reborn, which had awful art on both coloring and penciling fronts.
    Where’s the crossover here? It’s tied into the ‘event’ of Dark Reign, but only in that DR is the current event of the shared universe wherein these characters all live. If life was a comic, all of us in America would have "Obama’s Healthcare Plan" over our solo book titles because it’s something that’s going on that affects all of us, while we also go about our individual lives.
    I felt like there was great character development this issue. (I don’t know if it was lacking in the last issues or if I was just distracted by Billy Tan-hate… I’m thrilled to have Immonen on this book!) I loved the Spider-man/Jessica Jones interaction about Luke, I loved the part where a silent Cap (keep it that way ’til you nail Bucky dialogue, Bendis!) gets frustrated w/ Wolverine & the mess he made, who he has a history with, unless Wolverine Origins is to be ignored (which many would probably prefer). All in all, it might be my pick, and it’s a great breath of fresh air after the Tan arc.

  35. @Roi I agree with you, I just don’t think it should be entirely ignored.  It pretty much defined their relationship up until Mockingbird ‘died’.  I just find it a little annoying (kind of like the complete and total ignoring of the fact that Carol Danvers died, at least for a little while, I mean, does mS. Marvel take place in the Ultimate universe or something?!?).  Other than that I still enjoyed the book.  Plus, you never know, Bendis likes to circle backwards, so maybe Hawkeye and Mockingbird discussed this after he said it to her in the previous issue and we just haven’t seen it yet…

  36. Pretty solid 3 stars. It definitely got much better as it progressed. Love the Spider-Man stuff as usual, and I’m interested to see where this goes. 3/5.

  37. I have a love-hate relationship with New Avengers. It can be great and terrible in the same issue.


    And the Spider-Man OMD madness is driving me insane.

  38. I loved the art but the story was pretty dull. I really like Bendis’s Spider-Man except for the damn OMD hints that hurt my mind!

  39. I haven’t read this yet because my LCS has a problem with ordering enough issues of each book.

  40. I don’t how feel about New Avengers. I still get because I like the characters, but I wish they would fight someone other than The Hood and his cronies for once.

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