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  1. POW worthy, I’m predicting.

  2. @kickass: i don’t think so, brother

  3. I cant wait.  I love this book and the magic is coming to an end!  YES!

  4. I’ve yet to be let down by an NA book.  It’s always good.  But I agree with edward.  It’s never been POW worthy for me even though I love it.

  5. great book but i have to disagree with Kickass as well. Very rarely POTW worthy, but none the less always a blast to read.

  6. Haven’t enjoyed this Sorceror Supreme run thus far hoping the book gets back on track. I haven’t been this down on New Avengers in a longggg time.

  7. I actuall really liked the last issue.  "Take a gun.  In fact, you should all have guns! … why don’t you have guns?"  That was awesome.  So was Spidey enquiring if Iron and Power Man were still an item.. sigh.  Good times. 

  8. I agree with kickass some issues have been POTW material. I have a feeling my pick of the week will be tough this week.

  9. Looking back, I haven’t made NEW AVENGERS a POW or runner-up yet this year, but it’s constantly a 4-5 star book. Brother Voodoo!

  10. yeah i think last issue was the strongest of a weak arc.

  11. I’m actually excited by more of the Chris Bachalo pages.  This is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed his art.

  12. @Crippler haha funny stuff, that was my favorite line

  13. @ABirdsEyeView: There were no interior pages by Chris Bachalo. He just did a variant cover.

  14. A very solid 3.5 from me. Too bad I dont know who this Voodoo guy is.

  15. Felt that this issue didn’t wrap up the arc as strongly as I hoped it would. I really dug on this arc overall though.

    I’m into the magic/monster side of Marvel.

  16. There were some fun moments in this issue and some cringe worthy moments. I could not stand the scene where Clint is in front of the camera, it was very poorly executed.

  17. @conor: yeah I just read the solicit wrong.  doesn’t bother me too much, it was begrudged excitement

  18. No more Tan, right? He’s done, right? That was awful. There was a page where it was practically stick figures with slight distinguishing characteristics for each of them (I guess that’s Wolverine ‘cuz he has points on his head?)

    Bendis needs to practice writing Bucky Cap a lot. "What should we do?" he asks as he points his gun impotently.

    "We have a formation?"
    "I guess we have a formation"
    1) I guess I’m finally getting tired of Bendis-talk. Bendis-talk? Bendis-talk.
    2) Maybe you’d know your formation if you guys practiced on off time instead of sitting around a table! (not a serious complaint, really; just a joke)

  19. This book is a really solid 3.5 to me, but I decided to go with 4 in the end. A good issue, even if the writing seemed a little odd at points. Love the idea of Doctor Voodoo, though, and I’m hoping that Strange training Voodoo can be a sort of back-up story to the next few issues of NEW AVENGERS.

  20. i really wish there was better coordination going on.  first off, if the hood has lost his hood, then maybe marvel should have launched the dark reign mini three months earlier.  also, in both thor and (apparantly) uncanny x-men: utopia, loki is a guy again, yet here he is a she still.  maybe im just nit picky and crabby from lack of sleep though.

    also, hell yes to hellstrom telling spider-man that he will have to pay for his sins.  im suprised he didnt try to make a deal with dormammu for uncle ben or some stupid bullshit like that.

  21. Am i the only one that read the part with Loki and the Hood? everyone is talking like the Hood is no more when i seems to me like Loki is going to revoke the exorcism that Voodoo and Strange put on Parker.

  22. The Hood’s pretty brave taking on all those Avengers. You might say he’s got hoodspah……

  23. Nobody else found Brother Voodoo’s dialog insulting?  This issue was the last straw for me, it’s soooo dropped!

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