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  1. This book is guaranteed to look good – Jim Cheung’s back on art for this issue.

  2. I knew I remeber seeing the flash of light at the end of an issue but it was awhile ago so I wasnt sure…im stupid.

  3. Oh man, Secret Invasion and the Avengers tie-ins suck so much. Guess I have to pull it to keep it atop the most pulled list. Everyone else must hate it, too…

  4. I’m reading this first just to get it out of the way. I’ve been surprised by the tie-ins a few times and actually enjoyed them but i don’t think this is going to be one of those times.

  5. Oh my god…they have finally done it. Put together two stupid events…at least it’ll look good. Wake me up when Secret Invasion is finally over and they decide to stop the ‘continuious Marvel events that won’t end’ run they got going

  6. Not vibing with the cover art.

  7. This looks a-maze-zing!

    Woop woop!

  8. Even if you have hated all the tie in issues you gotta like the Chueng art.

  9. The preview for this issue was incredible, I am so pumped.

     More Spider-Woman (even Skrull Spider-Woman!) is always good.

  10. Im interested to see how Bendis handles the Skrulls during House of M.  Something tells me its going to not make complete sense, like the Reed Richards cloning issue in one of the past tie-ins.

  11. Even Bendis’s writing seems better in the Jim Cheung issues.  I think there have only been 2 so far, but they’re easily my favorites of the Avengers tie-ins

  12. I agree with cutty. This whole situation would be a lot more enjoyable if cheung did all the issues.

  13. Is this over yet im so bored to death by this. I think i would rather have someone fart in my mouth than read anymore tie ins

  14. @SDComicfan

    So don’t read them!

  15. @SCcomicfan

    Seriously man, its just so cheap and pathetic to go onto any forum and just say "it sucks, oh make it stop"  Is that really all you want to add to this?  Come on, grow up.   I understand not liking them, but show some sort of decorum.

  16. I’ve been defending Bendis all along, and I’ll continue to, but god damn this issue was a waste. It was basically just a reprint of an issue of House of M from a slightly different angle.

  17. @goat – agreed, I was really looking forward to this one, but it was just boring.  Loved Cheung’s art though, I wish he had a monthly book of his own

  18. i liked this issue. the whole re-telling old stories with skrull reveals was starting to piss me off, but i think this is the best of the bunch so far. i don’t like how the issues jump around so much, i have a terrible memory, so i can’t just skim the last issue i have to go 3 issues back to brush up.

  19. I really liked this issue, but I wasn’t reading comics during the House of M event so none of it was wasted on me. If you saw this issue as I did, with a fresh set of eyes, you might think it was great like I did.

  20. I enjoyed the fleshing out of Veranke character, and maybe it’s just me but I think House of M affected her in ways that will pay off as SI comes to close.

  21. I wish they would bind Diasasembled, NA, MA, Secret War, HoM, etc all in a series of hardcovers–but I wish they were stopping here instead of the whole embrace change/dark reign thing.  I have loved this whole ride, except for Civil War, but it is time to quit while you are ahead.

  22. This was the strongest of the near-past tie-ins. And Cheung’s art is noticeably better than Yu’s.

  23. I continue to happily drink the Bendis Kool-Aid. I loved this issue and, as others have noted, Cheung is a god.


  24. Has anyone noticed that, despite all of the complaints about this book, this is easily the most pulled issue for this week?

  25. Shouldn’t the Skrulls not have taking over if the time line was changed?

  26. if spider-woman was a skrull during House of m and her whole agenda is getting rid of mutants, than why the fuck did she given an impassioned speech during house of m about leaving the world the way it was – full of mutants.

     bendis wrote both, he had the plan all along right? Or is he full of shit?

  27. Yea Coltrane it is the most popular book and thats the problem as long as the consumer, us, keeps buying this garbage there gonna keep putting out events and i ave a feeling were gonna be drownding in skrulls for a long time. Ow well atleast im not buying em anymore.

  28. @Edward: Yeah she did make that speech about ‘maybe it’s better if we leave it this way’ during House of M. Although now I can sorta see a sly hint at SI when she mentioned that ‘sometimes things like this happen and we need to accept the new order’…Or something along those lines when she was making her case.

    But in this issue we are led to believe that the mutants need to die and that she wants all the heroes wiped out for the NWO of Earth with Skrulls. So did she have like a 5 year mood swing in the time of House of M and Secret Invasion? Guess we’ll find out next week in New Avengers #46 with Alex Meleve on art, stay tuned!

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