• The Illuminati have learned that Earth is the center point for the death of the Universe.

• If this is true, doesn’t that mean destroying it might save everything else?

• Enter the world eater, Galactus.

STORY BY Jonathan Hickman
ART BY Steve Epting
COVER BY Jock, Stephane Roux

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. GALACTUS!!!!!!!

    This series is immense, love it truly do.

    But the question is does anyone know if Epting will be coming back or is Deodato a permanent replacement with #7?

  2. Such an awesome cover…

  3. I’m enjoying this more than the regular Avengers book to be honest. But I know if I drop one or the other it’ll screw me up in the long run.

    • Absolutely. I found the other book ponderous and unnecessarily bloated in both plot and number of characters. This book has flowed smooth as silk…loving it!

  4. So we have avengers, new avengers, and uncanny avengers. Yah, not confusing for new readers at all…

    • haha, good point.

    • Good observation @mrmarky, but what’s your point?

      Less Avengers titles? Less brand recognition in title naming?

      It’s probably too late now, but I could get behind renaming Avengers books so that the “Avengers” name comes first, followed by a descriptor:

      New Avengers could be “Avengers: Illuminati”
      Uncanny Avengers could be something like “Avengers: Unity”
      Secret Avengers could be “Avengers: Undercover”

      And then Avengers Assemble and Avengers Arena could stay the same since they already have “Avengers-first” titles.

      But is this just a solution in search of problem? The Avengers books all sell pretty well, so are new readers *really* getting confused?

  5. My favorite Avengers book at the moment.

  6. Issue #2 blew me away and I’ve been loving it since.

    Surprised it pulls less than the Avengers title.

    It is superior.

  7. Not reading Avengers, but this I Like a lot.

  8. I can’t remember the last time Galactus popped up in a book. I’m eager to see how Hickman depicts him. Based on what we’ve seen so far in New Avengers, I think it’s going to be terrifying. 🙂

  9. Glad to hearing people are enjoying this.

    In for a dozen of these and two dozen issues of Adjectiveless.

  10. This is easily the best Avengers book for me.

  11. 4 issues in a row – this is exactly what I had hoped for. Sol’s Hammer made me pump my fist. Terrax the Terribly Enlightened! Ha!

  12. Hickman should be allowed to do a Namor book. I’m sure it will sell like crap but god damn he writes a perfect Namor.

    This was an alright issue. There really isn’t much I can say that really wowed me or impressed me about the issue. Some of the drawings by Epting were good, especially of Galactus, but for the most part ‘alright’ is all I keep going back too.


  13. This was probably my least favorite issue so far, but this is also probably my favorite ongoing series right now. Hope things get interesting again next issue (this one wasn’t bad, just disappointing compared to the first three which were all some of the best issues in comics this year).

  14. *Spoilers*

    i need a little clarification from the people that read this, not sure if I got this right did they find while on the way to destroy this other world that the world was being eaten or destroyed by Galactus and yet instead of letting him have his way with it they are now fighting in order to stop them so they can try to save the people of this earth before destroying it?

    • My take – is that in order of preference: Find and use Infinity Gauntlet – no one dies, Use the Ultimate Nullifier – limited destruction – hopefully limited casualties, Dr. Strange’s solution – no idea, Save as many people as possible and let Galactus do his thing – who knows how many casualties.

      I think at the very least they wanted to try and save as many people from the world as possible, being the Heroes that they are.

    • I had to do a quick re-read also, but then it made sense to me.

      Basically, what zlbenson just said.

      If they get the Infinity Gauntlet, the other Earth gets pushed back and no one will die, though it will mean one of the heroes will be stranded in another reality. Galactus destroying the planet is a convenient solution, but it means that Earth will be destroyed and billions will die.

      The great thing is that, ultimately, Captain America’s POV won. They are heroes, and they aren’t going to just go with the easy solution.

  15. HELP! Is there an infinte amount of earths crashing into the 616 earth or are they all the same? What I mean is it the same one cap used the gauntlet on and the one black swan destroyed. Furthermore does this mean that the 616 earth will eventually go off and collide with a different universe earth?…and the illuminati will have to destroy the 616 earth to save the universe????

  16. The Doctor Strange sequences was the best DS I’ve seen in years. Epting did such a fantastic job on drawing him too.

  17. Btw – did Brother Voodoo ever formally relinquish the title of Sorceror Supreme? Or they just acting like the whole Doctor Voodoo never happened. I like both characters. Thought Rememder’s series was brilliant. Kind of fun to imagine the Illuminati with Jericho instead of Stephen.

  18. When Marvel originally announced this, I reacted “um, what’s the point,” but I have now come around to “best Avengers book on the market.” If Hickman can keep up the consistent quality (always an issue I have with him), this may be his best work to date . . . Oh and Epting is as fantastic as always . . .

  19. PotW.

  20. Maybe I just need to keep re-reading the first three issues but I always leave this book feeling so confused. It’s to the point where I have no idea where the characters are half the time. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

    • It’s not just you. The way I see it, this book encourages you to slow down and pay attention. It’s all in there, but I find that I have to slow down from my typical reading pace in order to catch it all on the first pass.

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