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Witness the new Avengers line-up in action!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Rain Beredo
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. me?

  2. yes you. Better pay attention to the man, he looks angry.

  3. I like the word balloon on the cover.

    More importantly, I’ve always wondered and maybe one of you out there know… does Norman Osborn have a perm? Some kind of corn rows? His hair has always been a mystery to me. (I think this is a sign I have a problem)

  4. This issue will determine if I stick with this title. It’s been mediocre lately. Didn’t like the 1950s Avengers stuff or the storyline after that. Plus I already read Avengers, Avengers Academy & Thunderbolts, so I’m no hurting for Avengers books.

    I better LOVE the new line-up!

  5. does anyone know who might be in the line-up? or is it going to be a surprise for everyone? i loved the first dark avengers run. i’ll wait and see what you guys think before i jump on.

    • i didnt wait. so glad. spiderman was awesome, dont know anything bout kid hulk but want to and osborn is a delicious villain to sink your teeth into when bendis is cookn’ it up. im jumpn’ on.

  6. Another new dark mighty secret super avengers line-up? Who cares?

  7. i dropped both Avengers and New Avengers off my pull list the other week due to the recent incosistency and mediocre issues of the titles.

  8. I guess I don’t get how this works. Not only do I not comment on books I’m not interested in, I don’t even click on the thread. I must be confused.

    • 8)

      Yeah, you’re not doing it right. 😉


      More snark! Especially about books you no longer buy!

    • And yet you comment on comments in which you are not interested. Curious.

    • clicking on the thread implies interest. besides, most of the world is free(to degrees) and can comment on what they wish regardless of whose feelings it might hurt.

    • Plus, if he just dropped it last week, I think I would not begrudge him a ‘So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish’ post. Iam only annoyed by people who troll week in and week out without buying an issue.

    • i’ve only read this term “troll” on this site but i dont fully understand it. i gather that it basically means one who gives a negative criticism solely for the sake of ill will towards those who do not agree. is that an accurate assessment? furthermore, does it only apply to those who do not buy the book that they are slandering?

    • Hmm just seeing this comment now i feel i need to explain since it might be my comment your all speaking on, i do still have some intrest in this book and that is why i mentioned tha it hasnt been that good lately and made me drop it.

      Now coming into this section today i was looking to see if anyone could back up my comment with a oh no its been good again check it out or to just see what everyone thought on this issue, i simply dont post my opinions or comments for no reason at all but i can understand where someone can come off like that.

  9. On a related note: I subscribe to this title, and will be running out to the mailbox a week from now to see who is on the new team, so… lalalalalalalalalala.

  10. I am barely hanging onto this title. It started so strong with Immonen but has been getting tougher to stick with.

  11. This and Ultimate Spider-Man prove to me that Bendis can inject great fun and interest in ideas he has already visited before.

    A perfect getting the team together issue in 20 pages. 5/5

  12. I was thinking about dropping this or Avengers (main). But i don’t want to miss all the stuff going into next years avengers event. mmmmmm decisions decisions

  13. ok so i know who the “the hulk”, “scarlet witch” “spiderman” and “hawkeye” are but who are the others? Who did Gorgon become? Also, does Deodato’s Osborn look an awful like Tommy Lee Jones?

  14. This happened and it wasn’t painful to read. That’s about all I can say….

  15. I dropped this a few months ago but got this one to see if I wanted to jump back on. And after reading it I’m still not sure. This issue was just ok

  16. Who the hell is Wolverine? I looked back through this book and could not for the life of me figure this out

  17. i love, love, love, love it when Norman puts his own dark groups together!!! This New Dark Avengers arc already has my money.

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