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With Avengers Mansion under siege and the Avengers scattered all over the globe, super nanny Squirrel Girl is forced to protect the Cage/Jones baby with everything she has!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Rain Beredo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. A Squirrel Girl focused issue? Just when I was thinking of maybe dropping this series. Bendiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!!!!! [shakes fist at sky while screaming]

  2. Dropped this months ago, but a Squirrel Girl issue? You know how to get my money, Bendis.

  3. Just when Rian Fike got over his obsession!

  4. This book is awesome in-spite of Fear Itself.  So excited for a Squirrel-Girl issue.  Bendiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!! ( also shaking fist at sky while screaming )

  5. Gotta admit, if there’s one way for me to get interested in a Bendis comic it’s using Squirrel Girl.

    Clap Clap to you sir. 

  6. UGH I dropped this 4 months ago and now I have to buy it for at least this issue. Knowing bendis though it will probably make me want to get the ones I missed and keep geting future issues. 

  7. Sorry if someone could fill me in on this im curious whats so fascinating about Squirrel Girl that has everyone who has dropped this title pick this one up for?

    Ive only started readin New Avengers the last 2 or 3 issues lol since i just got back into comics after a hiatus so im new to the whole Bendis run on this title

  8. @Neeks
    A part of it has to do with issue #7 of the series in which it was revealed that she and Wolverine had a secret love affair some years back which ended in them agreeing to never see one another again.  Needless to say, juicy details yet to be revealed if it ended THAT badly.
    FUN NOTE: Squirrel girl is very young, and indeed can’t be much older than 20 if she even is of age at all.  Her Marvel Universe Wiki page (run my Marvel themselves) says she is still a minor, though this could easily be old information. Even so, since the relationship naturally had to happen some years ago, there is still a VERY good chance Wolverine was doing some things that Chris Hanson might want to chat with him about… Then again, Logan likes ’em young.  Its only a matter of time for Hope…
  9. hahah thanks for the info kamilo thats some funny stuff

  10. They finally made squirrel girl more then an inside joke, I thought it was awesome!


    Just sayin’,

  12. Loved it! If you like serious comics this is probably not for you but I LQTM (laughed quietly to myself) multiple times while reading this! A very nice distraction to how bad fear itself is.

  13. How silly!

  14. Loved the page of her running across rooftops during the attack

  15. I cringed when it looked like another interview talking heads issue from Bendis, but it turned out to be fun. 

    The whole Fear Itself seems disjointed with the worthy and then these flying Nazi robots. They don’t seem connected and where would Sin and the Serpent (buried at the bottom of the ocean) get an army of mechanical Nazi robots? Maybe I missed a tie-in that explains it… 

  16. Thank you Bendis.  A book on the baby is exactly the type of stories you currently write for Avengers and why I dropped this title months ago.  Very disappointing since Bendis can be so fantastic. 

  17. the story in this issue was fun, but the art was atrocious.  I especially hated the way Deodato “drew” the Nazi armor suits.  I put “drew” in quatation marks because he clearly just used a computer program to copy and paste them on the page.  They looked like utter shit.  I did like that Squirel Girl is basically designed after Kat Dennings though, that was a nice touch.  The rest of the art in this was fucking awful.

  18. dkbrain, how about you drop your comments in another thread if you don’t read the book anymore.

    And that is not a question.

  19. @mikeandzod21 I just want you to know that everytime I see a post from you in the forums, I literally say NORM in my head everytime! You make this place feel more inviting just with your avatar. 😉

  20. @thomosnlive i do what i can:)

  21. @ScorpionMasada  What’s funny is you are probably right, but is it really appropriate to communicate your point with a threat to a fellow iFanboy?  

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