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The New Avengers have uncovered one of the darkest, most well-kept secrets in the history of the MarvelUniverse. A secret from Nick Fury’s past that reveals the secret origins of the Avengers themselves. Plus, who invented the Infinity Formula and why was Nick Fury the only person to ever have taken it? Or was he?? Bendis reunites with superstar artist Mike Deodato Jr. (Dark Avengers, Secret Avengers) and they both welcome a guest appearance by comics legend Howard Chaykin.

Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Mike Deodato & Howard Chaykin
COLORS BY Rain Beredo & Edgar Delgado
COVER BY Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I hate to say it, but I think I’m parting ways with this book. 

  2. @Prax

    Chopping block for me as well. I jumped on at #7 or 8, whichever one has Squirrel Girl get hired as a babysitter. It was great, and got my POTW. Now it’s just become everything I don’t like about Bendis comics.

  3. I think that could be the lamest cover i have ever seen.

    IT screams boy-band posing

  4. I am looking forward to this issue in the hopes that I will see all of them try to pile in that one car.

  5. The synopsis for this is interesting if you are reading shield.

  6. I will read this in some form until Bendis leaves.

  7. Sabertooth…..Kraven….Namora?

    How much does Bendis NOT want me to ever try this series again?

  8. You read Deadpool and you are trying to shit on Bendis for his choice of characters for an arc?

  9. Zing!

  10. @Scorpion: So you’re literally saying Sabertooth AND Kraven are better characters then Deadpool?

    (This is the last I’m commenting on this cause I don’t want to get this any more off topic) 

  11. Better than Deadpool? Take the hell out of here, ScorpionMasada! How can anythng be better than  juvenile BS?

  12. What I’m saying is that a writer should not be written off because of what characters they choose to write just as a fan/reviewer (you) should not be written off just because you like Deadpool.

    As for better characters, I read by writer and believe writers make characters good not concepts/designs.

    I like Deadpool in Uncanny X-Force . . .

  13. And who know how long they will be in the issue for, it could only be for a page and a half, if they are even in the issue at all.

  14. I like Bendis

  15. I like turtles!

  16. @ActualButt  Turtles are awesome. Put me down for liking turtles as well.

  17. Bendis has taken old, forgotten, unloved characters and made them awesome his entire run on NA. Look at Luke Cage! I forgot he was even a character until about 5 years ago, now he is one of the big dicks in the Marvel U!

    Along those lines, whatever happened to Marvel Boy. Bendis seemed to be setting up something cool for him at the end of Dark Reign and now he’s nowhere to be seen… 

  18. Thought Sabretooth was dead.

    Hopefully the fight scene in this isn’t just one big splash page.

  19. maybe you missed the ‘1959’ on the cover…

  20. @USPUNX  ah, gotcha

  21. I still think they should cancel this title and just start Avengers: Kickin’ It. It’s mostly about Jarvis and Squirrel Girl at home while they are away and then the team eating Chinese food and pizza. Or Za as I like to call it.

  22. Comment over load on this one. But I’m going to agree with most of you on this I like the writer I like the artist. I just really don’t know what way I’m being thrown with this series lately. Hopefully this turns out to be a good read and we get some focus on a main story.

  23. @RoiVampire – ESPECIALLY if they are also ninjas!

    Didn’t love the Deodato or the Chaykin last issue, but this is the only Avengers book I’ve been following on the regular (although after last week’s stellar issue I may give Academy another look) and I love this cast. Plus, Oral History, baby! Man, I hope they collect that all together when it’s done.

  24. @USPUNX – He’s in Adjectiveless Avengers (in a horrible new costume with a horrible new name), but he’s not doing much of anything.

  25. This is possibly the worst single issue of any comic I’ve read all year.  In current times you have the villainess going “It’s not fair I wasn’t ready for you yet” for 10 pages while in the past you just have a bunch of scenes where Fury and Dugan recruit a bunch of people for their mission.

    Also, Bendis ships Namora and Kraven together.

    Also, some of the worst Chaykin art to ever grace a comic book.

    If I could give this a 0, I would. 

  26. the art seemed rushed from both artists and was it me or did it seem like ms. marvel couldn’t hear what Serpia was saying? How many times should a villain yell “How did you find us?” before the hero responds with some sort of witty banter or an actual answer. In my head i was just screaming for Carol to tell that bitch to shut up and not worry so damn much how they found you.

    they’re superheroes and they have dr. strange and wolverine on their team! this is what they do everyday. how the fuck do you think they found you? magic, heightened senses, spider-sense, intel from Captain steve, take your pick. the how is not important, whats important is that you’re getting the shit kicked out of you.

  27. Not nearly as good as the last arc but I thought the art was an improvement for Deodato this issue. Chaykin rules again, just like last issue.

    A solid 7 out of 10. 

  28. Isn’t the cover a rip/homage to the Varsity Blues poster? I seem to recall a teen movie where they’re posed like that around a car…

  29. @OttoBott
    not the same angle, vehicle or poses but damn if i didn’t think you were right until i did the google search

  30. Did i miss soemthing about H.A.M.M.E.R agents or are they not realy people? Here you have Wolverine slicing open dudes and the paramedics are worried about Mockingbird only. Seems odd to me. That is unless H.A.M.M.E.R agents are like droids or something. Anyone explain this one to me?

  31. @spaceghost15  well, mockingbird is a hero and the hammer agents are bad guys full of mutant growth hormone so… look wolverine cuts people up all the time and nobody says anything because if they do he might cut them. shhhhh

  32. Good god – This issue was awful! When you think back on Avengers history, from the classic to the corny to the epic – will this series even register? Stink-o-rama. A single page of Secret Avengers is better than this whole issue/arc/title. P.U.
    This issue is an homage to comics. It kind of looks like a comic, but ultimately is just a caricature of one.

  33. Eh

  34. As usual, Bendis rules and everyone else can suck it. 🙂

    Love Deodato and don’t understand why others don’t. Don’t love Chaykin, but appreciate how his art’s being used in this arc. In fact, I think it’s growing on me a bit.

    Kraven’s an odd choice for this team, but hey, Bendis can do no wrong.

  35. This was not my favorite issue of this series but I am still really enjoying it…a little surprised by some of the hate it is getting but to each their own I guess.

  36. Maybe I’m the only one, but I liked the issue. I would read a Bendis series about this 1959 Avengers team.

  37. @spaceghost15  yea, Wolvie is stereotyped again, killing peeps indiscriminately, gotta think well hey, those HAMMER agents gotta deserve it, right?

    Always felt Wolvie as a character is like Dexter, he only kills those who truly deserve it, but guess I’m old school in thinking that.

  38. Btw, wouldn’t this team be sorta like a Thunderbolts team?  I mean it goes to show Fury’s morale ambiquity I guess, cus the Fury I know would really be trying to bring these players to justice instead of recruiting them on some team to serve his own purposes.  I mean I don’t think he incentivised them like a Thunderbolts program would, he’s just recruiting them for his ‘black-ops program,’ which isn’t at all consistent with what there is now in the Secret Avengers, a black-ops team full of heroes.

  39. yeah, i liked it. good stuff

  40. @Franktiger  He’s doing this on the presidents request. remember this is before Fury becomes head of SHIELD so he’s under orders here

  41. @RoiVampire  huh, so Eisenhower condoned the recruitment of criminals by Fury then?  Nixon was Vice-POTUS at that time, wonder if the order actually came down from him in the form of a “by any means necessary,” and Dwight only approved of the mission.

  42. Nice art. Love when Chaykin draws Nick Fury. Why is this not a noir mini-series instead of trying to tie these characters together?

  43. @Franktiger  that would be an awesome touch

  44. I just don’t understand why Bendis thinks I’m going to buy that he’s going to kill off Mockingbird.  I mean, srsly?  You resurrect her two years ago (or, at least, reveal she was a Skr…you know, I actually don’t even want to think about it too much) and you want me to believe that you’re going to kill off her character AGAIN?  I’m not buying it.  So, because it’s clear he’s not going to kill her, I spent most of the “Mockingbird is DOWN!” parts of the issue rolling my eyes.  Ugh.  I thought the Nick Fury Avengers rocked, though.

  45. The art in this actually makes me angry. Has he ever drawn a human face before? Nick Fury looks like he has the mumps.

  46. Now that bendis is letting his kids come up with story ideas i thought he let one of them scribble out a few pages for him. Reminded me of early 90’s ghost rider, shudder. I don’t care how legendary Chaykin is, the 1959 pages where terrible. That panel with sabretooth coming out the window, urgh!

  47. If I am not mistaken, Bendis also dropped a giant rock on her during Seige, so this is the second time in 2 years he has pretended to kill a character that was recently resurrected/skrull revealed. It kind of makes it a yawner. Hell, the whole issue was a yawner. Worst issue of New Avengers since the relaunch.

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