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It CAN’T be over already, can it? Don’t miss the shocking finale and be the only one you know who didn’t read this. It’s the end of the road for Nemesis and Chief of Police Blake. Who will end on top? Only MARK MILLAR (KICKASS, ULTIMATE AVENGERS) and STEVE MCNIVEN (OLD MAN LOGAN, CIVIL WAR) know!

Written by MARK MILLAR
Pencils & Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Really looking forward to this, more than most comics.

  2. agreed. really enjoyed this series.

  3. For some reason my shop got this last week, so I’ve already read it.  Strong end with really good art and it totally sets up the inevitable sequel.

  4. Yeah, my shop got it last week too. Not bad, especially after the ridiculous third issue.

  5. noto please tell me what happens?

  6. @Noto  write a spoiler review

  7. Hey, I read this last week too! I won’t spoil, but after loving the first three issues, I didn’t like how the story ended, but the art was SICK, of course. 

  8. kinda funny some shops got it last week but we dont get a photo or solit

  9. @Reform  There’s an error in the system at the moment that is preventing us from updating this page. We’re working on it.

  10. Fixed.

  11. God, I hope that the ‘uterus bomb’ comes back into play. 

    Sidenote-Writing phrases like uterus bomb is what I love about comics.

  12. @conor  Oh it’s all good, love this site you guys are awesome it was just kinda funny.

  13. I bought all four issues of this, and have one question: What the hell was this series? What was it about, and did it need to exist?

  14. I can’t, with a right mind, say that this issue was any good. The art can only save an issue to a certain extent. I get why Millar made the twist I (and I bet alot of other people) thought was going to happen a red herring, but the way this series ended couldn’t have ended in a worse way. So this is Hostel but with the rich guys being super villains? And Nemesis was just some random rich guy? It took pretty much all of the allure away from that character.

  15. More questions than answers,but, I’m no longer interested to know. Could have been a good concept, maybe it was just executed horribly by making it a movie pitch.

  16. @NathanNicdao  Agreed.

    Plus no uterus bomb 🙁

  17. How about an ongoing like Daytripper, except it always ends with a uterus bomb?

  18. I am bewildered by the level of criticism here and in Jon’s review (art is a one?!).  I thoroughly enjoyed this series…yea, I didn’t completely understand the ending, but for me this is all about the ride.

    Whether it’s Bomb Queen or Nemesis, people seem to have a hard time getting around a villain comic…I love ’em.

  19. I don’t think anyone was saying that this hasn’t been fun up to this issue. I, for one, loved the past 3 issues. However, there’s a big difference between stupid fun and just plain stupid…which is what this issue was.

  20. This was one of the most confusing comics I’ve read in awhile

  21. I still cannot figure the appeal of this book , picked up the first issue and thpought a 4 year old with Tourette’s Syndrome could have done it better . This could explain why I stay away from most Marvel comics these days …well that and all the Deadpool stupidity .

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