• The classic DC character Rose and Thorn is taken in a compelling new direction!

• Can a teenage girl with a dark secret, readjusting to life after being institutionalized, learn how to live again?

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Neil Googe
Cover by Ryan Sook

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  1. I really like this idea. The Looker book was fun as was the Kid Infinity story. I’m in. I really like these quirky side tales.

  2. I think I have a thing with story’s about girls being sent to places that usually suck the will of living out of them. Can’t wait to read this tho.

  3. So far this series has just been removing the most interesting aspects of characters and leaving them with dull powers that can be summed up in a single sentence fragment.

  4. Is Tom Taylor from the Unwrittem writing this book??

  5. This would be better if the cover was reversed, and it was the boringly dressed version we’re supposed to think is bad.

  6. I’m in. This National line intrigues me and so far the first two issues were good…. but I can’t help think I am just reading this, not because it is good, but because I WANT it to be good or feel that it SHOULD be good. Still, though, at least with Madam X I get a nice Fiona Staples cover!

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