Utopia. The sanctuary for mutants to escape a world that wants them extinct. So is it the ideal home for X-Factor? That’s what Cyclops believes when he invites the world’s only mutant detective agency to relocate to their floating island retreat and take up residence there. But will Madrox and his team believe that it’s the best place for them? What old faces will pop up, and what old acquaintances will be renewed? And will there even be a Utopia left when the mysterious Crone shows up and threatens to bring the entire place crashing down into the Pacific?

WRITER: Peter David
PENCILS: Valentine De Landro

Price: $3.99
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  1. Does anyone know if this is going to be an Anthology like Nation X, or just a standard One Shot?

  2. @Slockhart: Its looking to be a one shot…one that is looked to be taking place after the current arc in X-Factor, however. In the previews, the gang is all there, whereas in the main series theyre a bit fractured right now.

    I think we can all agree that X-Factor stumbles a bit when its dragged into the grander sceme of the Marvel U (the Secret Invasion arc was a perfect example). So I’m glad that PAD is getting this done in one issue and then moving on, instead of integrating all the Nation X stuff into his current arc.

  3. @comicbookchris I think the secret invasion story suffered more from possibly the worst art ever laid to a comic book page than from Peter david’s writing

  4. ^TRUTH

  5. Wow… PAD really understands Scott. His characterization here is spot on and unlike what he’s like in the current Uncanny run. As well, this was PAD’s chance to editorialize his feelings on current X-Men and as we can see they’re not positive. (The bit about not knowing who is good and bad and Emma, Mags and Namor walking down stairs got me to chuckle.) Just a great issue. And really shows my PAD should be left in his own sandbox and away from the ridiculous farce of the other X-Books. 5/5 for me.

  6. One of the best issues of X-Factor (hell, probably THE best) since before Secret Invasion. Loved this issue.

    @Prax I loved this issue as much as you did, but since I’ve been loving the other X-books, I came to a completely different conclusion.:)


  7. I dont follow the X-Factor book, but I did enjoy this story enough to check out the other X-Factor stories.

  8. I enjoyed this… it was pointless, but I enjoyed this.

  9. This was more of an issue which focused mostly on character interactions more than anything, which luckily enough, is PAD’s forte. It was novel to see the members of XF Investigations interact with the other X characters from their previous lives, and it was even more fun to see PAD’s reaction to Liefeld’s recent bitching about Shatterstar’s sexuallity through Rictor’s dialog. Great;y written issue, as it does a great job showing where X-Factor is in relation to the rest of the Marvel U.

  10. Darwin: "Why am I the only one covered with shark yechhh?"

    Namer: "You are not Imperius Rex."

    BEST EXCHANGE THIS WEEK!  Peter David is a master of character interaction.


  11. @diabhol Perhaps, but I felt it was pretty patent. I mean almost every character exchange was "You’re idiots for all living here." As well, there was the funny dig at Land’s art when Dani Moonstar and Dazzler appear and they’re in smiling and standing in modeling posings. It stood at to me first as being randomly different art, and then I got the joke. 

  12. Ugh… I hhhhhhhhate it when Peter David writes. He somehow always disappoints. There’s just something about the directions he takes. I’m so glad I didn’t get this issue, borrowing it was the best choice made today aside from getting home early (it’s pouring outside). What a waste of… 3.99? Good grief. I’m really interested in how this is a visceral button for people when it’s so obvious the man is writing himself in the x-books like the author of Twilight writes herself in… Twilight XD, wow I don’t even know her name.

    Yeah it was definetly a comic book. Guess I know to keep on not buying X-factur.

  13. @ Mangaman   You hate when he writes as opposed to when he does wha

  14. @Mangaman – Do you like Fraction’s Uncanny, out of curiousity…?

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