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WRITER: Peter David
PENCILS: Valentine De Landro

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  1.  I just read this as I am a bit behind in my books. I do enjoy David a whole lot in his X-factor run. I also enjoy the gay banter that happens in the books since Shatterstars return and follow up with Rictor. I just wonder if the gay topic that David brings up is there just for feedback purposes or awareness. I get how both Shatterstar and Longshot are more just Sexual as oppose to gay or straight. I would like to see this go somewhere and not just be a topic to poke at in the book. But that comment about Shatterstars old costume being gay compared to how he looks now, c’mon he is a bit more gay with his look now I think . I think that’s an example of the gay line being over used just for the notice of it. 

         I would like to point out I do not like Shatterstars blades coming out of his arms. If it’s there as an addition to his Katanas fine. But the use of the blades is just not as effective compared to the arc of motion you get from holding them in your hand and using your wrist. Another reason for Movie Deadpool for being stupid. 

        Another note was time frame and continuity. Continuity is always an issue for me and this book made a point of telling me exactly when it happens. Both Layla and Siryn are present informing me it’s after the current x-factor story. Emma Frost is still in her Diamond form to prevent the Void sliver from spreading informing me it is before the current x-men books. That’s always nice to have information like that. 

    Anyways signing off

     Tsifox (Chee-Fox) 

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