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NATION X #2 (OF 4)

IN THIS ISSUE: Jubilee returns to the X-Men, Gambit has trouble adjusting to life on Utopia, Northstar deals with the distance that island living necessitates and No-Girl has to save all the X-Men from a foe living right under their noses. Part 2 (of 4)

WRITER: John Barber, C.B. CEBULSKI, Becky Cloonan & Tim Fish
PENCILS: Becky Cloonan & Tim Fish
COVER BY: Dustin Weaver

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. i might get this just for jubilee, how is this series? if i’m only ready uncanny is it worth it

  2. The first one was great character moments of Magneto, Colossus, Ice Man and… umm… someone else…

    I thought it was really good. 

  3. Great cover art by Dustin Weaver.

    Anyone ever read "Jubilee" by Robert Kirkman?  Wondering if that’s good?

  4. @me


  5. I was pretty shocked at how good the 1st issue was, hopefully this one can keep it up

  6. Northstar!!

  7. Didn’t Jubilee lose her powers? And isn’t Northstar dead?


  8. Jubilee? Oh dear god!

    *jumps out of a closed window*

  9. @flakbait- Northstar was brought back in a story that made absolutely no sense by Mike Carey

  10. it’s a shame marvel doesn’t believe in a 2.99 limited series

  11. I was always very fond of Jubilee, just for the fact that she was one of the focal points of the X-Men animated series, which is one of the factors that really harboured my love of comics. So it warms me up inside to see her sticking around.

  12. Can’t wait to see what they’re doing with Jubilee.


  13. fuck jubilee:(  I can’t stand that bitch

  14. @abirdseyeview – That was a continuation of Northstar from Wolverine: Enemy of the State.  Continuity-wise it made a lot of sense, and started the process of getting him back into the fold.

  15. Yay. I love Jubilee. And I love that cover artist. Checking out this issue for her story. Though, I was less excited when I saw CB Cebulski would be writing it.

  16. @Prax – did you read X-Infernus?  I thought he did a nice job on that mini

  17. how does telling me he died in one story suddenly make the story where he came back to life make sense?

  18. This was missing all the heart from the first issue.  Real disappointment, but it does go to prove my theory that anthology minis have all the best stories in the first issue to hook you.

  19. THe Jubilee story was good, though I couldn’t quite figure out why she was friends with kids she was never at Xavier’s to meet. 😉 The Quentin Quire/No Girl story was great and the first explicit reference to the Morrison era since 2004. I think it would only appeal to fans of that run. However, the Gambit story was boring. And the Northstar story was really, really stereotypical and offensive. 3/5 for me. Would have been 4 if the other two stories were good.

  20. Sadly, the Jubilee story was only good part of this issue.

  21. @comicBOOKchris: I’m with you man. New Warriors was my favorite comic when it was running on vol. 4 because of how Jubilee developed into her own persona. Now I’m bitter because she isn’t developed in this issue. It’s like she went back to being 17. =/ I want 20ish year old, mature Jubilee back.

    @vadamowens: You would love her in New Warriors, she isn’t the kind of character you think she might be.

    @cutty: huh, thought it was in "Supernovas" but whatever, referencing arcs isn’t my fortei if it’s been over a year.

    @PraxJarvin: yeah man, it’s like he has her down… just the Jubilee from the animated series (or 20 years ago…sorry). Kind of makes you wonder if he read New Warriors.


    My take is pretty simple though pretty generic.

    Jubilee Story: C
    No Girl: A
    Northstar: D
    Gambit: B-

    Am I missing anything else? I don’t recall, correct me if I’m wrong though. I love it when I’m proven wrong.

  22. @mangaman Except for Jubilee and Chamber, I found New Warriors to be almost unreadable. 😉 As well, I don’t see it conflicts with her depiction in New Warriors. She’s giving the Young X-Men advice she obviously learned while both an X-Men and a "team leader" in New Warriors. Her drama with Wolverine is, in a way, very similar to the drama between The Doctor and Martha Jones in Doctor Who. It’s lest patently sexual, but there’s certainly the idea that Jubilee was always second best to Kitty Pryde. I thought it felt very real. Despite her experiences, her friendship with the people on the island, (I note that not a single character she was ever on a team with is here.) she can’t go because she’s no longer a mutant. It’s a very easy story to tell, right down to Moses in the Old Testament, but it works here.

  23. I loved the Jubilee story and I liked seeing Gambit written well for a change. The Northstar story was terrible. Wow. It was actually offensive at points. Because he’s gay he acts like a 12 year old girl? Give me a fucking break. The No Girl story was just okay.

  24. that Northstar story is probably similar to what Tim Fish normally does.  I don’t question whether that characterization is realistic or offensive or whatever.  rather, I question whether that characterization makes sense for a gay superhero whose outlook should maybe have a more serious tone.  I suppose it’s possible for Jean-Paul to act that way.

    and not only do I find Jubilee’s knowing these kids odd, but when did Surge become a bitch?  she had friends who lost their powers, no? Prodigy? 

  25. @Birdseyeview From what I recall of early New X-Men, Surge was always pretty cold and it was clear she resented her powers but she worked to get past it. I imagine her attitude is shaped by the fact that Prodigy can’t be on Utopia since he’s not a mutant. However, this of course assumes that the writers didn’t just pick a random mutant kid to be nasty to Jubilee.  

  26. I enjoyed Jubilee’s story.  It was a nice dip into her motivations, and it gave a good glimpse of how she sees the world now that she’s depowered.

     I loved Martha’s story.  It really gave a character a chance to shine that wouldn’t have too many opportunities to show who she is.  In just a few pages she went from a character who was simply pitiful and grotesque, a brain in a jar and a representation of the cruelty mutants have had to endure, to a complete, engaging character.  I was fully engaged in her live action chess match with Quentin and hope to see much more of John Barber’s work in the future.

     Then I reached Northstar’s story.  My first thought when I began reading was that this had to be some kind of joke.  The script appeared to be written by a fourteen year old girl and, by proxy, Northstar dealt with his problems in the manner of a prepubescent teenage female.  I fully believe that he would continue to sneak off and visit his boyfriend, seeing as Jean-Paul is not the type to want to give up his personal life so easily.  He is also the type to focus on what he wants and ignore his boyfriend’s repeated requests, as well as the type to fly him off to safety and leave Psylocke and Colossus to clean up the mess.  What I don’t believe is that he’d moon like a teenage girl while Kyle was away.  Sure, he’d miss him…and probably be able to think of calling him all on his own, instead of sighing at his picture.  He also wouldn’t do the pitiful ‘pleeease’ crap.  The man has lost his parents, as well as the man who took him in, as well as being a terrorist for some time before joining Alpha Flight and engaging in countless battles.  He has died, been ressurrected with his mind completely destroyed, eventually recovered, and I’m supposed to believe he whines like a child at his boyfriend to come over?  He is strong.  He is an egotistical prick and a force to be reckoned with.  He can be loving, passionate even.  Yes, it was mentioned that such behavior was unusual for him, but he didn’t sound tired, lonely or humble.  He sounded whiney.  Simply having him request rather than demand would have shown how much this meant to him and would have been noticable.  Yes, this was meant to be comic, but the only part I found amusing was the white thing’s reaction to finding him again.  The rest was just childish.

     The Gambit story was good, a nice little story with a feel good ending.

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