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NATION X #1 (OF 4)

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  1. Really, Marvel?  Really?

  2. The preview sold me on this. 

  3. It really annoys me when people say thing twice to prove their point. Their point.

  4. Is this going to be something along the lines of Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps?

  5. Hmmm…I think I’ll wait & see on this one.

  6. I’m just going to pick up the issue with the cool Jubilee cover.

  7. Isn’t this happening in the main book??? why more????

  8. Nah, I won’t pick this up. Damn you for putting it out, Marvel.

  9. Skipping this one.  Should be in the main book.  I made the mistake of picking up the last anthology series (Divided we stand, or something) and I’m still healing from that fiasco.

  10. Divided We Stand was great.  Manifest Destiny was great.  Dark X-Men the Beginning was great.  I could say it over and over and over again.  X-Men anthologies are fucking amazing.  Great writers.  Mostly great artists.  Overlooked characters getting some panel-time.  How can you go wrong?

  11. By the way, he’s not in the solicit but Mike Allred is involved with this.

  12. Yikes.  If that cover art is any indication, this gets a huge PASS.  How many X-Men books are there right now anyway?  Nine?

  13. @ABirdseye view  "overlooked characters getting some panel-time"  Colossus, Wolverine, & Nightcrawler?  Overlooked?  I realize that it says "Others"  I’m not going to get this if it doesn’t like you said focus on the overlooked characters.  I hope the other are Dazzler, Northstar, etc.

  14. I agree with you Birdseye, I’ve enjoyed the anthologies and since it’s a short week I’m picking this up.

  15. I was going by the anthologies that have come out.  I didn’t actually read the solicit.  But, in my defense, Colossus, Wolverine, & Nightcrawler have not had any spotlight in the Nation X plot development.

  16. And, actually, the Divided We Stand and Manifest Destiny issues had the main writers like Carey and Kyle/Yost on them.  However, James Asmus did write a kickass Nightcrawler one-shot follow-up to Manifest Destiny.  Here’s hoping he wrote the Nightcrawler story.

  17. This should all be happening in Uncanny. At $2.99. Instead of forced into a mini at $3.99.

    Uncanny really has been pretty bad this year. The whole Nation SX concept really doesn’t work for me.

    Time for a creative shuffle in my opinion.

  18. This was actually really good. The story with Wolverine and Nightcrawler was hilarious.

  19. I loved how all 4 stories ended with a big unexpected character moment.  As a relatively new fan, the Origins series and this seem to be perfect for easing me into the characters.

  20. I am taking back everything that I said before, this was really good.  The Allred art sold me in the store & that was my fave story.  Iceman’s was pretty good too. 

  21. Wow.  This was a very unexpected 5/5 for me.  The Colossus story was pretty moving.

  22. this was so great.  loved the Iceman story the best, but he’s my favorite so I’m probably biased.  each story featured spot-on characterization and great writing.

    @theswordisdrawn- you’re right this would all be perfect material to be in Uncanny.  Have you ever read the Vignettes Claremont wrote as backups to the Classic X-Men reprint series?  all of that featured material that would have been great to have been in Uncanny 10 years prior.  Unfortunately, in the original printings, Claremont just didn’t have the panel time to devote to as much character work as he would have liked.  Much of the material in the Vignettes was stuff that we now look at as being part of the classic canon.  What this is is Marvel trying to do the character work simultaneously with the big action-adventure stories in Uncanny.

  23. Gotta agree with everybody else.  This book was surprisingly great.  Every story in it was interesting, and it just missed being my pick of the week.

  24. Really enjoyed this book. I liked everything but the Mike Allred art in the Kurt/Logan story.


  25. Even after finishing my stack, I keep thinking about what Magneto said at the end of his segment.  It makes me think they’re actually not going to play the easy "betrayal" card, at least not for a long time.

  26. Whoa, Mike Allred X-men.  So this is going to be a series of one shots?

  27. @lantern4life

    It’ll be an anthology series, must like Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps.  In January there is a one shot called Nation X: X-Factor, which sounds like it’d be an anthology but with the X-Factor characters, but I’m not sure if that’s true. 

  28. @slockhart – I agree, this seems like the Magneto that Claremont built, the one that was last seen in X-MEN #3.  Before Grant Morrison and (to a lesser extent) Fabian Nicieza/Scott Lobdell destroyed.

  29. @lantern4life/@Slockhart- it’s an anthology like the handful of anthologies that the X-franchise has been putting out since after Messiah CompleX.  just so we don’t have anyone thinking Marvel is jumping on any kind of bandwagon.

  30. I didn’t mean to imply that, I was just using it as an example since it’s a fairly recent, widely-read anthology

  31. I didn’t think you meant that, I just wanted to take a jab at DC

  32. Glad I got this.  The Wolverine/Nightcrawler story/art was the highlight.

  33. The Magneto story was definetly the best. It had layers of cerebral context that does well for those studying comparative literature.

    The Iceman story was definetly nice too. But the Colossus one made my eyes misty on the bus. Had to play it off like I had something in my eye.

    Overall I was actually really glad I bought this, even though it was an anthology that’s sort of in-continuity.

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