NATION X #1 (OF 4)

Review by: akamuu

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Having just written praise for how Necrosha: The Gathering was the first X-book featuring mutliple stories and artists that I’d enjoyed in a long time, I picked up this book, and, well, didn’t enjoy it.  The by far highlight of the issue is the James Asmus/Mike Allred collaboration.  Mike Allred drawing Nightcrawler is exactly what I’ve wanted ever since I knew who Allred was.  But while the visual look of Nightcrawler was the intial draw for me, James Asmus’s conversation between Kurt and Logan about whether they think Scott is doing the right thing is excellent.  It’s the best down time X-Men story in recent memory.

The rest of the stories are just filler.  Not bad, but not fun or necessary.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. It’s good to have your early reviews back this week. Thanks for the work you put in in short order.

  2. No problem, flapjaxx.  I’m glad some people find them useful.  I’m going to read these comics most Tuesday nights anyway, I figure I’ll give people as many positive and negative head ups as I can.

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