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  1. Their own differences? You mean the whole Law-and-Order-pro-registration vs. serial-killer-suspect, put-fake-uniforms-in-policeman’s-closet-to-get-the-heat-off, complete-and-total-scofflaw differences?

    Carol would kick Pete’s ass. And should.

  2. Hopefully Brian Reed can bring a little much-needed class to the way Spidey relates to the Marvel Universe post-BND.

  3. Darn, it wasn’t in my comic shop – anyone know of any delay?

  4. It was in both of the shops I went to today, the one I subscribe through and one I dropped into, because I’d forgotten to pick up a long box and I needed one.

  5. Haven’t read it yet, but Ms. Marvel has been the best SI book apart from the Skrull Kill Crew.

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