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  1. Man…no comments for Ms. Marvel, but it gets over 100 pulls?  I’ll bet there are a bunch of people who sneak this into their piles but never want to admit it.  Just like…peeing in the shower or something.

  2. im proud of peeing in the shower thank u very much

  3. That should be the new national pastime if you ask me.

  4. Well, so far it’s been good.

  5. Honestly, this issue and the last one were kinda weak, but the future looks like it’s picking up.

  6. Coming from someone who started reading with the new chick, this whole storyline has been weird and confusing.

  7. oh what a surprise the glowy chick was carol danvers…no not really


  8. Now what’s the deal with the babies again? They’re like living glowly batteries that put dead super heroes back together?

  9. they can rewrite reality.  but if A.I.M had them in the 1st place why didnt they just make it so they rule   everything not norman?

  10. i think they were in the process of moving all the babies togeather so they could.  dont know why they were in difrent places to begin with though… oh i know! so heroes could foil their plan.  man those guy set them selves up to fail.

  11. I’m so pleased with this book. I think Brian Reed is really tearing it up, and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

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