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aboris2610/23/08NoRead Review


  1. I like this cover better than the series of Horn covers.

  2. @jumpingjupiter

    It’s better than horn, yeah, but the cover from last issue was better still. Whoever that artist was, I want more of them.

  3. Agreed.

  4. Hmm, I’m tempted by some Ms Marvel. Would this issue be a good jumping on point?

  5. Probably so. The series is better than you might think. If you can still find the last issue, pick it up. It was a great one to start with.

  6. @Garrett:

    YES! Not to sound overzealous, but this is the perfect spot because it’s basically a "Secret Origin" a la Green Lantern which not only introduces the character to new readers but leads up in some as of yet unknown way to Dark Reign.

  7. Cool. I like Ms Marvel and picked up the first trade and recent annual with Spidey. I was just waiting for all that Secret Invasion palaver to finish before jumpin’ on and this origins issue sounds perfect.

  8. This book was good.  if your intrested in checking her out this would be the issue to pick up.

  9. Ms. Marvel. Never in a million years did i think I would be digging this comic. I am about 1/2 way through my stcak and this and  Spiderman were amazing.

     Maybe a twinge overdone with the torture element, but still it was amazing.

  10. Those torture scenes were a bit brutal but overall I really liked the art in this issue. It definitely felt like a small story that is perfect to do while waiting for the "status quo" to change.

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