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  1. This will be my first ever Ms Marvel book.

  2. Love that cover.

  3. I tried the three issues leading up to this an they were O K but nothing that grand.  I can’t make up my mind if I will continue into this next arc

  4. I really like Adriana Melo’s art.  I’m interested to see her develop even more as a storyteller.

  5. This was an awful issue. There was hardly any story and i am very disappointed because most of the tie-ins have been pretty good. This was a rushed issue. I am probably in the minority.

  6. I love all of Greg Horns covers. No one draws a h0tter girl. But unfortantly I drppoed this book last month. Not that it was a bad book, just not enough money to spen on all the books Id like to   : (

  7. Wow, I thought this was a great issue, just one great big ass-kicking fight.  Nothing wrong with that.  And the art was fantastic.  I feel that this has to be one of the better books out there  that doesn’t get much attention.  It has been going strong for over 2 years and I keep waiting for it to run out of steam but, for me anyways, it has been very consistant all the way through.  Am I alone in this opinion?

  8. I started reading this comic with no previous knowledge of the character when Secret Invasion Infiltration began.  I find that when this or the Captain Marvel books came out I would always read them first, almost without knowing I was doing it.  I look forward to this comic now, the charater is interesting the journey she is on is compelling and convoluted and in the end it was my Pick of the Week

  9. i was going to drop this book untile secret invation started.  so far i have loved all the SI tie ins with ms. marvel.  they are a lot better and i think she is a better char when she is more sure of herself than in previus issues she spends the whole time thinking "what am i doing?  what do i want? who am i?"  this new ms marvel is the bomb, shes mad and out to kick some @$$.  way to go at turning her around.

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