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  1. eh, i don’t think i’m picking this issue up. the last few have been pretty lame. the First arc was great, the second, pretty good, but since then, it has been going down hill. Witch suck, because I use to really like Moon Knight. As of now, i’m just blaming Benson’s writing.

  2. I’m going to keep buying it as long as they’re printing it. 

    Moon Knight is my favorite character and even though these stories aren’t very good I’ll take what I can get and keep hoping that as long as some people are buying it they’ll keep doing it maybe someday they’ll get a decent writer.  

  3. I’m with ya JoeCom…..ever since Benson came on, I haven’t really enjoyed it.   I meant to drop it once the last story line ended and I forgot.

  4. @clintaa: I feel you pain, I like moonknight as a character (even if he is a lot like batman). But a Character is only as good as the writer. Like it they got Brubaker(sp?) writing it, it could be as good as Iron Fist. And I hate to see MK be dropped, but i can’t wast money on comic I don’t even like. Maybe they’ll get some one better after Benson, and Benson and just stick with TV shows.

  5. sorry, ment to say Benson can stick with TV show. (damn Ifanboy for not allowing us to edit our posts)

  6. I think Banson’s done a pretty good job. Just that his style was an abrupt shift from the previous writer’s making it difficult to adjust.

  7. This was good. The guy draws a brutal fight sequence!

  8. Wow.  I strongly disagree with some of you guys.  BENSON has be tearing it up.  Moon Knight is better than ever.  It’s one of the few books Marvel publishes that I read and look forward to.

  9. I reread this issue and you guys are crazy.  Moon Knight is everything the good folks at DC wish BATMAN would be.  Benson is doing a great job on this title and people Marvel fans should give the book a shot.  I imagine this book will be a great one collected in the trades too.   

  10. Have Moon Knight and Bullseye ever fought before? They’ve been building up that fight through the covers for this entire arc, but it took until the final pages of this (second to last issue) to even set up the battle.  For me, Moon Knight continues to be average week-after-week.  I used to care about Marc Spector and all of his various aliases, but throughout this entire relaunch I’ve found his character to be whiney, self-loathing, and basically unlikable – and worst of all, unsympathetic.  Overall, the series isn’t bad enough to make me stop reading, but not good enough to make me care if it gets cancelled.

    If you’re already a Moon Knight fan then this series would be worth checking out.  If you’re someone trying to figure out what makes Moon Knight an interesting character, then buy the essential and read the older Moench stories from his first solo series.

  11. "average week-after-week"

    Precisely, reliable averageness.

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