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• The Conclusion Of Marvel’s Maddest Mercenary Moon Knight Is Here!

• After All He’s Been Through, Will There Be Anything Left Of The One-Man Avenger?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by Alex Maleev

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I’m glad to see this concluded as planned but this was the only Marvel title I was buying and will miss this immensely. If Marvel put out more books like this instead of events they would win me back, but right now there is too much good stuff elsewhere to pay a premium for average content.

    Bendis and Maleev, Thanks!

  2. Not gonna lie, not gonna miss this title.

  3. I’m with Zhurrie — Thanks Bendis and Maleev, I totally loved the ride.

    Am also with Zhurie, with Twelve and Moon Knight ending this week my Marvel pulllist is getting real small.

  4. I kept buying. I need to catch up on reading this.

    It goes in the “mini-series to read this summer” pile.

  5. This book was a lot of fun. Going to make for a good collected edition. Hopefully more people check it out then.

  6. no such thing as bad characters? sure

    • I don’t understand? You saying that Moon Knight is a bad character concept? I think design-wise he gives the artist a lot to work with – the basic white and cape let artists be as abstract as they want. Seinkevicz and maleev certainly seemed inspired. Character powers/backstory wise I more see your point but I think the whole “LA tv celebrity who’s secretly nuts, talks to himself, and fights crime in a costume” was a pretty cool take. Of course, you can play the character straight too, where the other personalities are just clever ways for him to know the city from different angles Just don’t put him on a team book and I think he works fine.

    • I’m saying if Bendis and Maleev couldn’t do anything with the book maybe there’s a reason why

    • I actually think people try to do too much with him actually, even in this run. For me he is a very compelling character and I’m perfectly fine with at least *one* Marvel “hero” not being the stereotypical superhero and the usual mix of predictable art and story. I wish this was simpler, darker, and grittier. Go overly dark and gritty and into depths that DC can’t/won’t go with Batman. That’s wishful thinking, but I enjoy the character and have for a very long time and I know there is a lot that that could be done… I doubt it ever will though.

    • @edward: Bendis and Maleev couldn’t do anything with this book? This book has been tons of fun.

    • The book didn’t have the spark, for lack of a better word. It should have been amazing

  7. I always wanted a Sentry/Moon Knight series as a parody of the Superman/Batman series. Just World’s Finest with absolute lunatics. Now that Sentry is dead I’ll probably never get that wish.

    PS. This book rocked

  8. I will miss this as well. I felt like this story arc was stretched out too long due to the necessity of cancelling the series. Moon Knight is one of the most unappreciated characters in the Marvel canon. They cancel this, but crap like Defenders gets marketed heavily.

  9. I’m not a Moon Knight guy. Never was. Looking at the character’s history, the only immediate thing that pops to my mind is that Bill Sienkiewicz did a fair chunk of work on it in the 80s. I had some of this stuff once. I liked it.
    Bendis and Maleev did a pretty good job here. I love their DD run, so I was in on this no matter what. They are a creative force that I pay attention to. Plus, I was hoping that Alex would channel Bill a little here. He did. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I don’t think I gave anything less than a “4” on each book. Now this wasn’t up there with the best DD arcs that they did, but this was easily in the same entertainment value of some of those DD arcs. And Maleev gets full credit for seeming more looser with his art than some of his other recent work. This was a “win” for my comic bucks. I’ll be looking out for an oversized HC collecting it all in one volume.

  10. I think Brubaker and Lark should take a crack at Moonie like they did after Bendis and Maleev on Daredevil, but move it to the MAX line!

  11. Loved the crazy and sad to see it go but I would have liked to see a better send off.

  12. Not thrilled with the finale.

    – Sorry, but I wanted MK to personally take down Nefaria. I don’t know how, but having his big brothers and sisters do it sucked. Isn’t this Superhero Arc 101, that the impossible to beat baddie is finally defeated by the steadfast superhero?

    – Hated that MK kissed off LA in the end. LA is perfect for him and he seemed to enjoy the LA crazy as a perfect match for his crazy.

    Both points I feel like Bendis decided to service his Avengers and Ultron arc aims. But for me it just could have closed a little better for Moon Knight.

    • it’s easy to say that but i thtink hat was kind of the point. Moon Knight went to LA because he didn’t feel like he fit in with the avengers. He thought he was too crazy, but since he is still a regular person beneath his mental issues he manifested working wtih the avengers as imaginary friends.

      The ending worked because Moon Knight got what his true goal was, making connections with real people. I’m still trying to figure out if the Spider man and Captian america personalities are still “dead” and his subconscious is now the Ironman/Echo/Wolverine threesome.

      I saw Wolverine, spidey, and cap as the id, ego, and super ego respectivly, so I’m not sure how this new dynamic will work for him.

      This series will probably be the only reason i will buy whatever “Rise of Ultron” is

  13. Marvels big time project, Moonknight, daredevil, punisher

    All 3 books have HUGE names behind theme.
    All 3 books focus on “B-list” street level characters with little to no actual superpowers.
    All 3 books have gotten glowing reviews.
    All 3 books cost 2.99- wait a minute…hmmm…

    Why do you think was this the one that got cancelled?

  14. @Robertsleap


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