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An electrifying new villain joins the DCU!

Meet Brainstorm, the man determined to bring Los Angeles to its knees – beginning with billionaire Michael Holt. But even if he can break this new enemy’s hold on an unsuspecting city, how can Mister Terrific defeat a foe even smarter than himself? Luckily, the last time he faced a problem he couldn’t solve, he perfected infinite fractal mechanics!

Cover by J.G. JONES

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. Ugh, hard decision. I love Mr. Terrific, but that first issue was severely disappointing. Can’t decide whether to give it another shot or not.

  2. not to be the terrible Marvel hipster that I am, but I’m curious to see how much the number of pulls drop for this and the Legion books.

    Not hatin’. Just curious.

  3. I’m stuck with it due to pre-orders, I dropped it after reading issue 1, but had already ordered issue 2, so I’m done after this issue.

  4. Like Red Lanterns, I’m pulling this to laugh at it. Thanks, black guy!

    • Do you mean Mr. Terrific himself or the writer? I think this book proves, putting a black writer on a black character does not mean surefire success. I don’t care what color the writer or character are, I just want it to be good.

    • Sadly I’ve been exposed to Wallace’s writing on “Titans” and on Final Crisis Aftermath “Ink” before that. He’s just not a good writer.

  5. I wish this series was good. Huge minority character opportunity missed.

  6. Wow; what does race have to do with a poor story and almost as poor artwork?? Mr. Terrific is a great character I just do not think he is meant for his own book! Maybe as a back up story or supporting character in the JSA or something but not his own book. This is one of those times i would say there are a lot of other characters in the DCU that really should have thier own book before Mr. T think about it…….. I am gonna try this issue and see what happens because I am routing for him and I would love to see him succeed however; again just not that intresting of a character on his own.

    Just sayin’,


  7. Don’t really know why I’m enjoying this so much, the writing just about passable and the art’s a little rough in places, but i’m having fun reading it.

    Although it is a little hard seeing Power Girl going from her own monthly to a supporting character in someone else’s title, but I’m hoping it won’t be long until we see her in the old costume.

    • I don’t get the Karen Starr thing in this series. I read most of Power Girl, the first two trades for sure and some of the Winick stuff but putting her in this is … odd.

  8. So far most of the #1’s that I felt needed improvement for me to stick with (for example Batgirl, and even Hawk & Dove) have shown progress with the second issue. Mr Terrific was one of the few that didnt get any better, and though I’d hoped to finish the first arc before I made my decision, my pocketbook can’t really take it….


  9. Skyfire124- it seems we are on the same page; there was no improvement in this issue and the artwork was good in certain spots others it was not even worth the purchase price.
    mithrandir- Karen Starr thing is really pissing me off! She is or was Power Girl one of DC’s Iconic characters in my opinion and if this is what they have done to her; that would be a great injustice!
    I gave this a 2; just not very good except for the villian he made this a 2! The book at the end felt like a classic super hero comic book from back in the late 70’s early 80’s and I enjoyed that.

    Just sayin’,


  10. Just wait…we have the Justice Society title out soon! but Karen Starr had about the worst offending image in the poor artwork of this whole book.

  11. Skyfire124 I hope u are not just trying to be funny.Mr. Terrific was a great character in JSA and I hope your right.Plus,Karen Starr ? ZZZZZZZZZZ No thanks.I want my Power Girl back.

  12. Absolutely not …Mr Terrific was one of the best characters in the JSA title. I’d love for this one to be good…its just not. I dont understand Karen Starr her, and wish she was back in her Power Girl costume, but even apart from that, one of her panels in this past issue was just one of the worst artwise, from the whole 52 relaunch.

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