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The World Eater has come for something buried deep within the heart of Fallen Asgard. As Odin leads an assault wave of gods against Galactus, a wounded Thor must contend with the Silver Surfer once more! All of which leaves Volstagg and Kid Loki in charge of the Shining City for an afternoon. What could possibly go wrong?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Olivier Coipel & Mark Morales
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales & Laura Martin

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Fraction & Coipel have still got it going on.

  2. This is weird in that I’m enjoying it. October solicits reveal that Pasqual Ferry is on for at least one issue though, and it’s Fear Itself related, so, y’know, good things end sooner rather then later.

  3. @OttoBott  Wait… they’re tying this into Fear Itself? What the heck? Matt Fraction said in a couple inteviews that this was a completely separate story. I don’t want to read it if it’s just going to get mired down in all the crap that’s going on in Fear Itself. :/

  4. @SteenAR I think/hope the Oct. issue is the only Fear Itself tie-in for this series. It’s a flashback issue that shows teh relationship between Odin and The Serpent. Plus, Fear Itself ends in Oct. so I’m pretty sure that it wil be the only tie-in issue.

  5. I got issue 3 for the amazing cover and ended up really digging the story, and of course the art. I’m not the biggest Thor fan, but this was great.

  6. @kineAg62 I hope so too. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten into a Thor series and one of the only Marvel books I really love. I’d hate to see it get caught up in all the stuff I don’t (personally) care about. 

  7. @Ottobott I remember reading somewhere that Coipel was only planned to do art for the first arc and afterwards Ferry would return as regular artist for Fraction’s run. If true, i don’t mind the change too much because Ferry was doing a great job as well.

  8. Agreed. Even though Coipel is one of my faves I really like Ferry’s style.

  9. Ferry is good great, but not buy-on-site; I’m OK with him taking over but still, it’s a bummer Coipel’s run couldn’t have lasted longer. Oh well. Less space on my trade-shelf.

  10. Is Coipel coming back?

  11. What I immediately thought was that Fraction needs to go read Masamune Shiro’s Orion series. Now that’s what Gods fighting is like – cool and totally bat shit crazy creative. This seemed way too lazy and completely uncreative. Two ultra powerful beings staring at each other and getting in each others heads, to what end…?

    I want epic. This was boring. Worse than boring, it was a lot of nothing. And why does Thor suddenly hate the Surfer? Other writers I could see treating their having to fight each other as a necessary battle between respected equals. Here, Thor just seems like an ass for no apparent reason.

  12. This is a fun idea but I don’t think it is going to pay like we hoped. I assume the this is the origin of the golden apples the Asgardians eat. I like young Loki, he more appropriately mischievous. 

  13. @thejetcazet  Also; how awesome is it that Odin an Galactus have a battle of the mind?

  14. not bad.  however, doesnt the fact that this ongoing series came out b4 the end of fear itself take away from the gravity of the story of fear itself.  doesnt it tell us that thor and odin live through it and seem to be getting along just fine. is there something im missing here?  if anyone has any incite on this matter im all ears(eyes)

  15. @sitara119  – I don’t know if it’s placement in the Fear Itself chronology has any bearing on whether or not I expect Thor or Odin to live (they do. Marvel would’ve black-bagged and notified CNN if they didn’t).

  16. @OttoBott    so im not missing anything.  thanks a lot

  17. This book was awesome.  POTW!!!

  18. @sitara119  To be clear, I’m not really reading either Mighty Thor nor Fear Itself. I flip through both books and will pick this up on trade (it’s so darn pretty). I’m just speaking generally. No spoilers if that’s what you mean. 

  19. The art is so pretty, but I don’t understand Fraction’s characterizations.  Thor seems to be the villain of his own book.

  20. @andybmcd  I agree completly, i love fractions tony stark but i hate his thor, he makes him such a dick that its hard to believe any of the other characters would even like him.

  21. Every time I read this I think Fraction writing this is like some sorta joke to him.

    The Astro-Asgardians were like Gundams to me, the only good part, no thanks to Fraction. 

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