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Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Olivier Coipel & Mark Morales
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales & Laura Martin

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

After a strong start, Matt Fraction’s “The Mighty Thor”  has been stuck in mediocrity. And while many have enjoyed the series, for me it’s never had the pop that a Thor and Odin versus Silver Surfer and Galactus story should have. Issue #4 features some entertaining moments but ultimately it’s an overloaded book that never establishes itself.

Fraction deserves points for being creative with his storytelling. While Thor and Silver Surfer battle it out, Odin and Galactus find themselves engaged in a mind war. It’s an interesting and unique idea but one that isn’t executed all that well. Fraction does a rather poor job explaining what we’re seeing during the mind battle which overshadows the coolness of the concept. We also get two off the wall pages with Volstagg and one page of Fraction stereotyping small town Christians. None of this helps the issue much. I did like the young Loki side story and as you would expect, Fraction has something big in mind for it.

Once again, Olivier Coipel’s art doesn’t quiet live up to what you would expect. It’s better than last issue and there are some vintage Coipel pages, but there are also some problems. Some of the panels look terribly underdrawn and I was particularly taken back by the inconsistency of the space battle. Coipel draws a great Galactus and Odin’s golden armor and solemn expressions are fantastic. But the Silver Surfer’s battle with Thor is plain and unspectacular and it wasn’t always clear to me what was going on.

Sadly, I’m just not sure if there’s enough here to keep me buying this series. I really want to like what Fraction and Coipel are doing but it just isn’t resonating with me. I can appreciate Fraction’s writing and I think this will read better as a collection but reading it monthly isn’t doing it for me. While Coipel’s brilliance does show up here and there, it’s not enough to save a book that should be a lot better than it is.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Fraction seems to have bought into his status as an “architect”
    He’s lost his voice in my opinion.
    And might even be a bit snotty

  2. I say this as an unabashed fan of Fraction, who seems not to get the same love at iFanboy as elsewhere but in the same way Geoff Johns stretched himself a little too thin post-Blackest Night, Fraction has too much going on to support his ideas and plots with heart.

    Could be also that he’s just no good at the voices of Asgardians.

  3. @nathematics  then he shouldn’t be doing a book like Thor if that’s the case.  It’s a poor excuse that leaves Fraction unaccountable at the expense of the fans that love Thor.  No good is a gross understatement, Fraction’s Asgardian dialogue is plain horrible.

  4. I agree. And like I’ve been saying, Thor vs. Galactus and Silver Surfer automatically had my attention. To feel squandered is a letdown.

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