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dharmabum11/19/09YesRead Review
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  1. Glad I stuck with it cause the quality has gone up and the conclusion of story arcs is finally coming together.

  2. If I had to drop an Avengers title, I would probably stick with this one and get rid of New.  This is becoming more and more like what I want in Avengers, and hopefully if the books reunite it will be more like this.  Really looking forward to how this story ends.

  3. If you dropped New, you’d be a sad fool.

  4. I’m dropping MA after this issue.  I feel like it just hasn’t delivered the last several issues.  Pym as the "scientist supreme" just doesn’t work for me.

  5. Only Avengers book I read, fun action and cool character interaction

  6. This is a really likable book. My only quibble is that I just don’t like the way that Hank Pym is drawn. He looks too much like a little kid – I would rather see a world-weary middle-aged hero.

  7. If you don’t find this issue entertaining…THE COMMIES WIN!

  8. The last part with the Quicksilver and the Inhumans were the only part I liked.

  9. This isue was badass. I really liked the ending.

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