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  1. Pym reversed the chronal ray to take the devolved heroes back to the moment just before they were devolved.  Other than that, you make some good points, but perhaps you are being too strictly logical.  You have to assume that Cassie slid down the arrow before it hit the ship.  You have to assume Amadeus saw a flaw in the robots.  Not a great arc, but not the worst.  I did think the art was nice.

  2. The fact you have to assume so much is a sign of bad writing.

  3. I believe putting forth dozens of silly things that are only borderline rational is the very definition of comic-booky. Now I actually tend to agree with you. I like tend to like comics that have matured away from that style of super-wacky, reason-defying comic action. I like comics that put forth believable characters with understandable motivations and make them hold true to themselves. But that is not what Mighty Avengers is about. Mighty Avengers appears to be a deliberate throwback to high action, low realism comics. Characters are meant to be fun, not consistent or emotionally real. Reading the comic with that frame of mind helped me enjoy these a lot more. Still not sure if I want to keep going, but at least I get it now. It is not a lack of quality, but a stylistic choice.

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