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  1. Last issue with Rafa Sandoval was awesome. Why do they bring back pham over and over when he sucks!

  2. God I hate the Young Avengers… why doesn’t someone just kill them already…but I like Dan Slott so I will pick this up

  3. Seriously, Pham is terrible, at least we’ve got a Sean Chen arc cominc up soon.

  4. 3 different plot thread… Avengers… written by Dan Slott… nice

  5. @skeets I dont even think it necissarily Pham. His work on Incredible Herc was amazing. I have an issue with Miki inking his work (actually anyone’s work other than Quesada). 

  6. No it’s Pham, I’ve seen his Herc work, it’s all bad.

  7. ugh, Dan Slott can’t write for toffee!

  8. I liked liked Pham on Herc as well, but I can’t stand him on this book for some reason.

  9. Slott’s run has been a lot of fun so far. Not crazy about Pham’s artwork, either. But it is a much under-rated title, this one.

  10. Pham was terrible on Herc, and on this.  Slott is terrible on this too.  I may have to drop this soon.  Let’s just say…IT’S ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!!!

  11. if you think the art and writing are terrible, why are you still buying it?

  12. I like Dan Slott’s writing not crazy about Pham but doesn’t bother me.  I liked Sean Chen’s art is awesome and I really liked his DR: FF work.  As much as I like Dale Eaglesham I was hoping Chen would have the art duties on FF.

  13. Flipped through it at the LCS and man… Pham does suck.

  14. You’re all barmy. 🙂 Slott’s a genius and a Pham does excellent work.


  15. I was really pleased by the Young Avengers’ reactions to faux-Wanda, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

  16. new low for pham

  17. what’s so bad about his work?

  18. Am I only the one that doesn’t like Slott’s writing. At all?

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