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  1. That’s a nice cover.

  2. Yeah.

    The preview ain’t bad either.

  3. Kind of a goofy looking Wonder Man, but it is a cool cover.

  4. If this is not marvels answer to requiem than they screwed up her death

  5. does anyone know what issue is Bendis’s last? thanks.

  6. @WinTheWonderboy:

    It’s this issue.

  7. khoi pham is as useless as tampons on a dog


    that is to say he is not to my tastes 

  8. @goat77: thanks. then this will be my last issue as well.

  9. I can’t wait for Dan Slott.

  10. When ISN’T Wonder Man goofy looking?

  11. yep. last issue of the series for me as well. i feel bad for slott, its nothing personal.

    the 3.99 cover? *thats* personal.

  12. I’m dropping after this issue too.  It has nothing to do with Dan Slott, I just need to cut back on books.  Thinking about going the trade route though if I hear it’s good.

  13. i’m dropping as well, just to cut back, nothing against the creative team at all

  14. Wait, I’m pretty sure that Mighty is staying at $2.99.  Dark and New Avengers are jumping to $3.99.  So don’t use that as your reason for dropping

  15. why the F is new avengers going up to 3.99. i thought the price jump was just for mini’s and one shots

  16. wow, just noticed all the pulls this book has. interesting considering the things that were said last week

  17. If this book really is about the aftermath, then it will probably be filled with the stuff that Bendis excels at: people talking! That’s why I expect to like it. Although, I wasn’t to pleased by Khoi Pham’s art in some of the previous issues.

  18. This issue was great!

  19. Well I’m a little lost, I just jumped in on this book because I needed something new to read, but I’ll try and catch up before Dark comes out.

  20. pretty good!! Really god actually! It almost made sentimental, almost!

  21. 3.99 ain’t nothing. i’ve been paying 5.99 for variants

  22. @Coleman-dont buy back issues!!  Dan Slott is going to be writing this book starting next issue.  That should be a perfect jumping on point for you, assuming you still want to try reading this book of course.

  23. That was awesome!

  24. I just finished my copy. What’s so "shocking" about the ending? What, if anything in this book, did "NO ONE … see coming?" Anyone? Am I just stupid or something and miss whatever awesome shock was supposed to end this book? Who the fuck writes the solicitaion copy, anyway? If anyone knows, tell me so I can send him/her a dictionary with Post-its on the entries for "shocking," "no," and "one." And "darkest day?" So, the disassembled event is no longer the worst day? Honest? Can I get that in writing?

    I mean, I enjoyed it and all but that ad copy…sheesh. What the fuck, Marvel? What the fuck.

  25. The only reason I had dropped this and New Avengers is I got tired of all the what happened to (fill in the blank) during the war.  It seemed a waste of my money.  But if they start doing legitimate storylines like Previews hints at, I’m back on ship.  Read this one.  It was ok I guess, but really only a quick recap.  Maybe I jumped back on one or two issues too soon.

  26. There is a whole step in the guilt of Tony Stark I am missing. How is he responsible for the death of The Wasp? I can kinda see how his Superhuman Registration Act led to an unstable situation that reached it’s pinnacle in the death of Capn Am, but where, as Hank says in the funerial, is he responsible for the death of anyone else? Because the Skrulls took years and years to infiltrate his systems and the entire world…. now he killed Janet…..?

  27. I’m not sure if he really is but Pym was very upset and he just went off on Tony, he needed someone to blame and Tony Stark seems like a fall guy to alot of the problems going on now.

  28. After looking at this issue a second time, the recapping of major events in the MU just seemed like filler.

  29. I would like to read an Avengers book with them actually avenging something.  It seems like they’re always info stories now a days and the fights are shown almost peripherally and mentioned instead of watched and experienced.  More Quinjets and kicks to the face if you please.

  30. @drakedangerz okey dokey!

  31. Bendis is still able to write interesting dialogue and compelling character moments, but he usually does a poor job constructing action-oriented stories.  This was no exception, and to make it worse I found the characterizations to be a bit flat.  And I REALLY didn’t need to read the 100th time where someone bitches about how Tony Stark screwed everything up either.  The art was good but totally wasted on this story (and I didn’t need the flash back filler splash pages – if I hadn’t already read the stories this wouldn’t have given me enough to epxlain what I’d missed, and since I had already read this it could have been done on one page in a few panels to leave room for actual story).  And Bendis can stop trying to sell me on how Osborn really would be handed the reigns of the Marvel Universe after pulling a trigger once.  I’m not buying it and no matter how many times he explains that it really does make sense I’m still not going to find it in the least bit credible, so let’s just move on please?

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