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  1. Can the tension level in this book get any higher?  I tense up while reading it.

  2. Ugh… I’m going to have to go back issue diving for this I think… Every time it comes out I kick myself a little more for not jumping on months ago.

  3. I snagged #1-2 in my shops $0.50 bin. Eager to catch up.

  4. My buddy Dan reads this when I buy it. He kept telling me I was wasting my money. Until last issue. After reading #7 he said "wow, good call sticking with it."

    This book makes me feel claustrophobic.

  5. Damn, I love this book!

  6. I think Irredeemable makes me just a tad more excited, but I’ll be reading this issue right after, and enjoying it just as much. 

    Does anybody know how long this is supposed to run for?  Is it a 12 issue maxi series?  Is it really supposed to be an ongoing thing?  It seems like it’s getting to far ahead of itself to be a longtime lasting thing.  I’m guessing 12 to 15 issues…

    Any thoughts on this?  Any thoughts on which is better? Irredeemable or The Mighty?  Come on, people.  Lets hear those thoughts!!

  7. @robbydzwonar – I think this is an ongoing, so it should last as long as it is selling enough.  I have the Irredeemable trade, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  I’ll compare the two as soon as I get to it.  I think there is enough room in the market for two "Hero gone Bad" books as long as the quality level remains high in each.

  8. Well if it came down to a choice it would be Irredeemable, but I like them both a lot. 

  9. Irredeemable has a better story, The Mighty has better art.

  10. Agh, I gave in.  Hopefully I can find a decent amount of back issues for an equally decent price.

  11. I think I heard the trade is finally coming out in a couple months.  I don’t think it is going straight to softcover though.

  12. I just read the Irredeemable trade and I like both series.  The fundamental difference is that in Irredeembale the Plutoian went from a true hero to a crazy villain and in The Mighty we haven’t figured out what Alpha One’s true intensions are yet.

  13. My store sold out of this before noon.  Apparently sales have increased dramatically more at my shop than they normally do when students come back into town.  I’m happy the book is popular enough to sellout, but it sucks that I’m going to have to wait a week to read this.

  14. My store was also sold out by 4, but I managed to grab #1 and #7 (just starting this series for anyone paying attention)

    The girl at my comic shop who holds eye contact a little to long and it kinda creeps me out said that this was a limited series, which I hadn’t heard… can anyone confirm or deny this? 

  15. I heard it was on-going.

    This didn’t ship to my store.

  16. @slockhart I love this book, but if it’s not a limited series it will certainly get cancelled.  Sales are terrible, which is a shame.

  17. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it is a 12 issue maxi series, with hopes for a second volume later on. However, I can’t find the article I read that on to substantiate my claims.

  18. Just received issue 1-8 and until issue 6 or 7 I was going, well ok this is another take on the superman archetype without a real plotline. And then it changed 🙂

    Issue #8 is great and I’m anticipating the next issue, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  19. I pick Mighty over Irredeemable. The atmosphere of pure dread it generates is really unlike any other comic I am reading. When is he going to snap?

    Both runs have good mysteries being slowly unfolded. Irredeemable tends to be more in the vein of wicked fun. Both are good. I can’t imagine The Mighty can keep this up for much longer though. It is definitely a limited series whether it says so or not, be it 12, 15, or 20 issues.


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