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  1. I love the design of the covers. Rather bold and… designy. I’m rather attached to Janet and according to the solicit, this’ll be an important issue for her. Can’t wait!

  2. I really like how the covers for this series give this brand new character a really iconic feel. And between this, GLC, and the Outsiders, Tomasi has been firing on all cylinders lately.

  3. I fear for Janet. And longer-term, Cole. Big-time.

  4. @Eagle: I too, love the covers. I very much enjoy the consistency throughout. They make for a nice collection!

  5. this book is keeping me very intrested. i want to find out what the twist is going to be. Every issue builds up Alpha One having some hidden agenda.

  6. This was awesomer than… something that’s very awesome.

  7. Wow!


    I’m warning you.

    Last chance. Please go read this book and discover this greatness for yourself!

    So basically Alpha One orchestrates disasters for PR purposes. Now he’s "manufactured" a new orphan to replace Cole when he’s served his purpose. Cole, having been saved by Alpha One as a kid is in awe of him so is blinded to A1’s deliberate and precise evil. He’s an orphan so I’m guessing A1 killed his parents too. A1’s been getting away with this game for a long time. But Janet. Oh she’s not taking shit from nobody no she ain’t… I love Janet! Janet is my favorite character in comics after reading this issue! Gosh Darn this book is awesome!

  8. @ Jumpin yep the ending was friggen nutty man.  I loved when He thought Janet was coming on to Him so he threw out that rehearsed line and then boom the last two page go flat out nuclear level crazy.

  9. @0: Yeah! So awesome! I see the pulls are good on this site so that’s cool!

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