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  1. not totally sure what htis is about but i’ll give tomasi a chance on almost anything

  2. THinking about it.

  3. Ah crap. I totally pulled this book. I didn’t need to, but I did. Have read nothing of Tomasi, but Snejbjerg is such a talented guy…

  4. I’m willing to check it out for Tomasi’s sake.

  5. Maybe.

  6. I’m down for #1.

  7. could be good, could be good

  8. I do like the cover and the character design.

  9. Very quiet week for me + Peter Tomasi = I’ll be getting this.

  10. i have been looking forward to this since i saw the preview about a month or two ago. very excited.

  11. I’m not even sure why I want this one.  It just looks like something I’ll buy, hold on to for a little while, and then take it in the bathroom with me when I have to take one of those big healthy a lot of fiber involved type dookies and this would be the right thing to read while I’m in that kinda sweaty mood…


  12. I need another book like I need a hole in the head…but I’m picking it up! Then I’ll decide if I pick it up monthly or wait for the trades…..


  13. Is this an ongoing? I thought this was a mini. I’m gonna check it out cause I loved Tomasi on Nightwing, and FC Requiem was fan-flippin-tastic. 

  14. @Ntpmcrtp: From what I heard it’s a miniseries.  If it’s succesful they will return with more.

  15. this was really good. the story is really intriguing and the art is beautiful. 

  16. I really liked this comic anything Tomasi touches is gold.

  17. Oh pants.  I say I’m cutting back on my pull list and then I see this in the shop… Love the art. Story is good. A non-DCU DC superhero?  I may be back for issue 2…

  18. i have no idea what this is about, but the cover is absolutely fantastic.

  19. Man I dunno, I liked how it began then it just tailed off for me. I MIGHT give it one more shot with issue 2. I’m kinda dissapointed because I like everything else that Tomasi has done….

  20. This is awesome! Loved the concept, the story, and the art!!

  21. I can’t judge it all on this one issue, but the feeling I get is "it’s been done and I’ve read it before".  I like Tomasi, the story’s not bad, the art’s not bad either, but it’s been done.  I’ve pre-ordered 2 and 3, so I’ll read them and make my ultimate judgment then.  The fact that it’s not in continuity doesn’t make me want to spend the money either.

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