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  1. since no one has said it yet, I’ll say it. this was a really good issue. I’m not sure if I want a Marvel Zombies 5, but If they’d get Van Lente to do a bunch more mini’s not unlike these Marvel Zombie ones, and by that I mean, fast, intense, dark, and populated with awesome c listers, I’d be super happy. Also Kev Walker on art. Have that happen.

  2. this is fun.  glad im getting it but also agree about a marvel zombies 5.

  3. Blasphemy but true, Marvel Zombies 3 and (so far) 4 are better than Kirkman’s first two volumes.

  4. I’ll accept a Marvel Zombies 5. I don’t mean to say I wouldn’t buy it. But what is great about this series and the last is not the zombie angle, it’s the cool c-list characters plus horror plus speed and unpredictability angle. And I’d rather have that stuff not connected to this gimmick that we’ve probably had too much of. But if they want to do another one of these things, I’m sure Van Lente can make it something good.

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