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  1. I was surprised by how much I have enjoyed this series.

    If they don’t screw this ending up, it will be a strong mini.

    I’m also going to keep an eye out for more stuff from Fred Van Lente.

  2. Marvel Zombies is always good. I’m glad Van Lente was able to make a good sequel. I’d like to see him on an important book sometime.

  3. @J4K3- agreed, this has been a lot of fun.

  4. This has actually been better than Zombies 2.  Its been a fun ride.

  5. The fun wont stop yet guys….Marvel Zombies 4 is gonna come out.

    With Morbius, Man-Thing, and other ‘monsters’ of the Marvel U fighting Zombies! Kick ass!

  6. this issue made me laugh out loud more than once.

  7. Thats it this was fun and all but this is my last Marvel (Zombies,Apes,ect,ect) that im gonna buy in issues.

  8. So this is the only book I’ve read so far and I’m giving it a 5. I rarely give a single issue a 5, but this book delivered all the way through. It was funny and the action was fun to watch.

    I’m hoping Fred Van Lente writes Marvel Zombies 4. If he does, I’m buying it without hesitation.

    Just hope he uses Machine Man.

  9. I think everyone should give this a try, when it comes out in trade.

    Yes, at first the idea of a third series of this gimmick sounds pretty stupid. But what Ven Lente did to this 3rd installment is make this a more fun idea then it was initally conceived. He made very C, even D level heroes become bad asses and I would love to see Machine Man in a bigger role in the Marvel U.

    I dont know if Van Lente and Kev Walker are doing the 4th installment….But I hope they do. Cause the idea of the other ‘monster’ characters in the Marvel U fighting zombies just sound so good…It’s original, at least in my eyes it sounds original.

  10. this book sucks so bad.  Come on Vambie is really lame.  I’m starting to think mr. van lente writes all these comments.

  11. I…I don’t know.  I may write a small review.

  12. Okay, I can;t figure out how to wrtie a review formally because I’m an idiot, but here’s an idiot’s two cents…


    I really LOVED the orignal M arc in Ultimate Fantastic Four.  I thought it was relatively innovative, well drawn, and scary.  I mean really scary.  

    The first two series of MZ seemed way drawn out, like 5 issues to tell 2 issues worth of story, and I didn;t care fo rthe art.  It seemed to cartoon-ize the whole concept, and nobody acted like who they were supposed to be, except maybe you could argue that spider-man zombie was a parody of regular spiderman.  The stakes didn’t matter.

    MZ3 is not perfect.  I still don’t think the cartoony art style REALLy sells the concept the way more realist work might.  But gosh darn it, at least the main characters have something to lose, there’s something at STAKE, and I care somehwat about what happens next.  To me, that makes it better, and it makes it an entertaining read.

    I think liek the Noir books, if you can get past the "high concept" origins of the comic, you’d find that it’s a well done story. 

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