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MARVEL 1985 #5 (OF 6)

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  1. I only caught up with this recently and I’m really liking it, especially strange for me as I’m not much of a superheroe fan, hopefully this will be as good as the rest!

  2. love love love this book

  3. This has to be the best mini of 2008. It makes me sad that it will be over so soon, but elements of the story will continue on in FF and Wolverine, so that’s good enough for me.

    Am I the only one buying all three titles? And Kick-Ass, too?

  4. You are not the only one, I am loving everything Millar is putting out for Marvel right now.

     And man it feels weird to say that.

  5. This is actually the only Millar book I am not picking up right now.  I guess it just didn’t appeal to me at first.  I am slightly regretting it now, but not really.  Maybe I’ll pick up the trade

  6. How come the kid only got the women of the Marvel U? Dont get me wrong, that is a pretty strong roster to fight the villians, but I thought people like Cap, Hulk, and others would come in too. Oh well it’s a strong series and I cant wait for the trade on this.

  7. @drakedangerz- you should totally get the trade man, its really a damn fine story, solid storytelling with characters you can relate to, which is something new for Millar that he’s exploring in this and in Kick-Ass. Although 1985 is way less cynical

  8. Yup, I’ll get this in trade.

  9. I never realized it till this cover but I think my last three girlfriend’s looks were inspired by 80’s era X-Women.

  10. I want this in my eyeballs right now….

  11. Only Book I am really excited about…

  12. @Kimbo Wow, your last three girlfriends were HOT.

    Can’t wait for this one.

  13. this was really good.

  14. Enjoyable again. Still loving the art but prefer the "real world" art style over the "Marvel Universe" art style. I liked the distinction though. Loved the panel with the Skrull reading the newspaper after the receptionist told Toby "Unfortunately there are three emergencies here already, sir." Anyone know what the other 2 emergencies are? There are 2 other characters sitting with Toby other than the skrull but I can’t identify them.

  15. I consider this to possibly be the most over hyped book of the year.  I know I’m in the extreme minority here because people continue to rave about how great it is.  Millar is a good writer and I like the concept, but I’m just not blown away by it, as so many others seem to be.  Its a solid book (forgettable but not bad) although I fail to see what makes it great.  I’m glad for all the folks that have enjoyed it but I’m now having some buyers remorse at $4 a pop.

  16. By far, my favorite issue of the series.
    @J4K3 : nope, I’m picking all Millar titles right now, and there all awesome – altough War Heroes #2 was a bit of a letdown –
    @TheNextChampion : well if you read the issue, it kinda makes sense why.
    and @Kimbo : Indeed, you’re last three girlfrends were smoking hot

  17. I am enjoying this book but I had a thought.

    If Toby gets the heroes on his side and they go back to the ‘real’ universe and fight and win, this series will be a fun, but ultimatly unimportant and forgettable, mini.

    On the other hand, if Toby gets the heroes on his side and they go back to the ‘real’ universe and fight and get their asses kicked (possibly with a line along the lines of, "We always win on our world. We just can’t win in your world.") and Galactus gets to eat the plane, this will be my favorite mini of all-time and will be unique and poignant.

    Who’s with me on this?

  18. Totally. But I doubt it. Altough, if the heroes come to our world and kick-ass like never before, all drawn by TLE in glorious, then its going to be a LOT of fun. So either way. But I know what you mean.

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