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As superstar athlete Mara Prince’s superpower manifestation is caught on live TV, her life rapidly starts to spiral out of control. The media descends like vultures. Her handlers go into spin mode. The footage is seen around the world, and this young woman, who only hours ago was the darling of pop culture, is now being slammed and ridiculed for being a fraud and a liar. But the more she tries to fight back, the only thing she’s doing is escalating the problem.

A sci-fi take on real world superheroes by the powerhouse team of BRIAN WOOD, MING DOYLE and JORDIE BELLAIRE!

Story by Brian Wood
Art by Ming Doyle
Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Cover by Ming Doyle

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Man I am torn about this issue. Wood is one of my favorite writers but I found nothing at all to like in the first issue. Do I give this series a second chance?

    • I’m with you USPUNX. I thought issue 1 would blow me away but it just left me wondering why I picked this up in the first place. Maybe this will be better as a trade?

  2. The previews look a lot better than the last issue. I’m definitely picking this up just on the name of the creators, Wood, Doyle, and Bellaire.

  3. I didn’t get a chance to buy my comics today but I’m still torn on this. Really disliked issue 1. From people who read this, what are your thoughts? Better than issue 1? Worth reading for someone who disliked the first issue?

    • I felt exactly as you did about the first issue, and, sorry to say, I didn’t like this issue much better. I only bought it because my wife is also reading it and wasn’t ready to give up. Her comment on this issue was “I think maybe more will happen in issue #3.” So I take it she wasn’t too impressed by this issue either.

  4. This is definitely a slow burn story, as another “superpower” was revealed this issue, but the mystery is how & why this happened. Its a miniseries, so I’ll finish the run

  5. This story reminds me of Demo, one of Brian Wood’s early works. I felt like this issue picked up the pace and I like this story fine so far.

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