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  1. I almost can’t believe it’s back – like reuniting with an old friend. I’m still a touch mystified about DC’s approach to this title (it’s sounds like their plan is to drum up some interest with controversial topics) but even if this only lasts another five issues, I will take every panel I can get. As I’m sure you’ve heard, you should be buying this title…but you won’t. Why do you hate me?

  2. I’m hoping that with Gaydos on this book, that enough people will buy it so that it sticks around for a while.  If you like street level heroes, you should be buying this.  Also, Dante they don’t hate you if they do not buy this.  They hate puppies and the baby jesus if they do not buy this.

  3. I might pick this up.  I mean after all, I do like puppies.

  4. It will be announced at San Diego that DC’s next weekly will be titled "Trinity II" and feature myself, puppies and Baby Jesus – Manhunter will tie-in directly to it so everybody should start picking this up now. 

  5. I never read this book previously but everyone seems to love it, so i’m giving the new series a shot. At the very least the art from Gaydos is guaranteed to be pretty. 

  6. I thought the issue was good but ddnt like the art so  much.

  7. I know I hate the inks, not sure whether I like the pencils or not…I hope they get someone else to color Gaydos’ art so I can decide.

    Otherwise a really awesome book, I love Andreyko’s grasp on Kate Spencer…she’s an awesome character and he’s a great writer.  

    Kudos to DC for bringing this back, I’m hooked. 

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