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  2. I like this book, I really do. I might not be as exposed to the Magog archetype as some seem to be. He feels like a legitimate character. I love the creative team, and the book excites me. I was going to drop this book because I need the space on my pull list and it feels like it will be cancelled, but looking at the upcoming issues really makes me want to get into this even more. Strange perhaps, but I actually like Magog.

  3. Me too. It is well written and the character is interesting. It helps I really liked the Gog storyline from JSA.

    I still might drop it. My students have no interest in this character and all my comics go to them when I’ve read them.

  4. With all the great JSA characters, it just blows my mind that DC would choose this one to star in his own series. It seems like this book is destined to fail if the sales numbers are any indication. Give us a Steel, Liberty Bell, Hourman, Wildcat series….anything but this!!

  5. I totally understand the argument that Magog should not have his own title. There are a ton of ‘more deserving’ characters out there. That said, I love this book. Giffen is writing the hell out of it, and Porter’s art is just great. It looks like Giffen has some crazy ideas going on, and I hope to Gog that he gets enough issues to explore them all. This is a great book.

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