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Before the Brotherhood, before his greatest battles with the X-Men, there was a man named Erik Magnus, gathering mutants to join his cause. Does the young Magneto have what it takes to build an army? And what does all of this have to do with The Absorbing Man?

Story by Howard Chaykin
Art by Howard Chaykin
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Jeff Eckleberry
Cover by Roger Cruz & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $2.99
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gruvenreuven01/26/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 2.3
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  1. Chaykin.  Hmmm…

  2. The last time Chaykin got to write one of my favorite characters, the result was Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage. Pass.

  3. @sakuuya  Yeah, I remember feeling really stupid for having picked that up.  I was just caught up in the GL Rebirth excitement still.  But I was totally not a fan of that Collateral Damgae mini.

  4. Chaykni’s art makes me physically ill. I have no opinion on the writing because I can rarely get beyond page 2 of his books.

  5. @scallionsncreme: They seem to have gotten cover artists to reinforce that feeling. Holy shit, look at his foot!

  6. If this wasn’t such a crazy week I’d pick this up. Love Chaykin. And it’s nice to see Roger Cruz again.

  7. not a Chaykin fan, per se. But anything with Ol’ Mags as the center must be checked out at least. For me, anyway.

  8. I withdraw my previous statement. This is a horrible book. DO NOT BUY THIS! The art is terrible. The story goes nowhere and literally nothing happens in this book that we needed to be told about in a one-shot.

  9. ooopsxlandmine hit it right on the money with his comment…so disappointed 🙁

  10. This was awful.

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