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  1. I’ve been with Madman since the git go…  I’ve been there through all the fun times and the horrible droughts when there was no Madman being produced.  Sadly this book has just become something I don’t recognize anymore.  It gets lower and lower in my stack with each issue of this new series.  It pains me deeply, but I’m driopping this book.  I honeslty never thought i would do it, but i’m doing it.  The book has lost every thing I used to enjoy about it and become a bit pretencious.  I love Mike Allerd but I’m getting off the bus…. *sniff*.

  2. i’m just getting on the bus…  i loved the first trade and have purchased all the rest…  i was planning to go ahead and start picking up the more recent issues in order to catch up/be current…  your post has made me a little bit hesitant…

  3. @insight – Well, I would never tell someone NOT to read something, so keep trying it.  Who knows, you may like it.  But to me it’s just not the same book it once was.  Maybe I’VE changed and the books stayed the same? I dunno.  Maybe some other long time Madman readers will chime in…

  4. @Hawkboy: I’ve been reading Madman for a while, and I agree that the book is different now. I can see what you mean about it being a little pretentious,  Allred is definatly doing some weird stuff. I’ve been enjoying it for the most part though, and will be sticking around for a bit. I did think the last ish was the weakest of the run so far.

  5. @Ntpmcrtp – I agree the issue wasn’t as poor as some others but it was just weak enough to push me over the edge.  It’s really hard for me to do as I’ve been a Madman fan for so long.  And I still love Allreds art but after a few of these last issues I feel like yelling ‘What the fuck?!?!?  This isn’t Madman!’

    I’m not bitter or angry at Allred and I guess if I’m going to call his recent work Pretencious(sic) I had better spell the word correctly!

  6. I started reading Mad man, when the first issue of Atomic Madman, and since then, i’ve been trying to get my hands on any of the older madman comics. thuse far, i have the huge omnibus of the first 30 or so comic, The team up comic with madman, and the Atomics. I’ve been enjoying at lest 90% of madman. So i many not be an old school fan, but i like it none the less.

    that being said, I still enjoy the new comics, though granted the last few hasn’t had much of a story to it. but I still like them.

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