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  1. I love this cover. Mike Allred is my hero.

  2. I think Allred’s story telling might be better with an editor, but his experimentation with this series has been well worth it.  It’s a thesis in comic cratsmanship.

  3. @Ntpmcrtp: yeah, sweet cover. The plot sound cool, hope it will be great.

  4. that covers so awesome!!! Two of my fav things come together, Bowie and Madman

  5. @WinTheWonderboy: Yes, indeed. Allred love to have the two mingle.

    By the way, if you haven’t read it, check out Red Rock 7, that is awesome.

  6. Can anyone tell me how hard would it be to jump on this series?  Or should I just go pick up all the back issues over time and catch up?

  7. @DMaggot: I believe that Allred has stated that for a while he is going to stick with one & done type stories, so you could pick up anywhere. I would recommend getting the earlier issues at some point, but I supposed you could just jump in and enjoy.

  8. @Ntpmcrtp: Cool, I’ll definitely be picking this one up then.  Thanks for the info.

  9. @JoeCom: I looooovvvve RR7!

  10. According to every shop in my city, this was delayed, but there’s a review.  I’m new to buying things in issues, so is it common for books to only ship to some parts of the country and be delayed in others?

  11. I want a poster size print of this cover asap!

  12. @stockhart: The issue did come out. There might have been a delay just w/your local LCS. I know a few weeks ago all the stores in my area had delayed books because of problems with a UPS truck breaking down/or not having all their boxes. 

  13. Wait! Are you saying that this title has short arcs of one to two issues???

  14. I love this book too.  Yes, most of them are one issue stories.  Sometimes, there will be a few together.  The continuity is not as important as the fun that Mike and his wife have doing it.  I don’t get some of the more bizarre stuff, but I do love the art and the quirkiness of Madman.  Always a joy and was almost my POTW

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