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  1. Why does this book languish at the bottom of the pull lists??  I totally don’t understand comic fans sometimes.  Too cerebral?  Not enough "cape"?  I cringe when I see some of the books out-pulling this brilliant book with fantastic Kaluta art and brilliant Wagner writing.

    Unless DC makes it back on trades, how can they not give this book the chop soon?

  2. this book is remarkable sadly every great book gets overlooked by comicbook fans because the fans like the same old thing often.this book has some of the best writing in comics beside fables and x-factor and others that are great they all do not get readers even with great writing. i beg readers pick up the trade to frist issues of this wonderful series and read this wonderful series before dc pulls the plug on another great book.

  3. This was actually pretty boring…the art was beautiful, yet flawed at times, and it is difficult to even tell Dian and Xanadu apart…Wagner’s plot lacks drama, and the arcane stuff is a yawn, other than the talking cadaver, and even that wasn’t too thrilling…I found myself not reading all the pages…<sheepishly walks away>

  4. I miss the art of the old issues, but I guess it fits the tone of this arc.

  5. Yeah, this art is more in line with the Sandman Mystery Theater aesthetic, which I guess makes sense – Dian Effing Belmont is in these – but I miss the previous artist badly. I think she was pushing Wagner into new and different places, and now we’re back in for more of the (still excellent) same old, same old.

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