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The acclaimed Vertigo series from writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock began with this issue introducing an elite U.S. Special Forces unit that stumbled across a dirty CIA secret they couldn’t ignore. The CIA tried to kill them – but that only set the team on a course for bloody vengeance.

This issue is featured in the new THE LOSERS VOL. 1 & 2 Trade paper back, just in time for the film adaptation in theaters later this year!

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Art and cover by JOCK

Price: $1.00
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This is just a revamped copy of the first right? Because of the movie?

  2. @ Hiltrook  Yeah, I think so.  I’m picking it up because I’ve never read The Losers b4 and I want to see what it’s all about.  It’s pretty much just a way to hook new readers.  (like me)

  3. @Hiltrook/zattaric It’s that and DC/Vertigo have done these ‘What’s Next’ promotions to get new readers to read ‘classic’ stories. I think it was because of Watchmen they did this line….

  4. Overall, a great set-up issue.  I don’t feel the need to run out and buy all the trades right now, but the next time I’m looking for something new to read, I’ll prob. pick these trades up.  Anyone know how many there are?

  5. My quick Amazon search suggests there a five volumes but you can get vol 1+2 in one book for 13.59.

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