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LOGAN #2 (OF 3)

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  1. I recommend everyone buy the B&W variant over the colored one.

  2. Why, do the colors ruin the pencilwork or something?

    I picked up the first issue, and I thought the coloring was pretty nice. Parts where logan walked through the forest, and then the last page of the first issue was amazing.

  3. I also really liked the coloring in the first issue.  Not to say the B&W wouldn’t be good, but I enjoyed the color version a lot.

  4. Nothing aganist the coloring. I bought the B&W version of Logan #1 on accident (thinking the cover was just B&W) and I thought it was amazing. Just a personal thing I guess.


  5. I prefer my nuclear blasts in full color.

  6. I did actually go back and check out the B&W version at my LCS the week after I bought and read the first issue. It was great looking but personally I am digging the watercolor-like coloring more. This is a beautiful book either way. 

  7. If you like Eduardo Risso’s work without coloring I strongly recommennd picking up Eduardo Risso’s Tales of Terror. The art is all BW and the stories are a lot of fun.

  8. Another great issue, really enjoying this series.

  9. So Vaughan’s bold take on Logan is that he secretly has less sexual confidence than Yorick Brown?

    I. . .guess that’s an interpretation.

  10. @ohcaroline – Yeah, that took me out of the story for a minute…

  11. I’m glad it wasn’t just me!

    I mean, I’m willing to believe that Wolverine has some hidden insecurities, but he doesn’t seem like the type to, well, apologize excessively.

    I’m choosing to believe he was traumatized from the prison camp.

  12. I prefer to think that he was apologizing for going Berzerker on her.  Its not that he performed poorly, its just that the animal came out in him.  So what if he popped his claws a bit too soon. . .

  13. @dochess — As much as I would prefer that interpretation, I doubt it would cause her to compare him to a porcelain doll. 

    Though if Marvel thought they could market Wolverine porcelain dolls. . .okay, it’s just a matter of time.

  14. i’m buying the colour issues and buying the bw in hardcover when it (hopefully) comes out.

  15. This seems like it is everything the Wolverine Origins Series should have been. It would have been great to have a rotating cast of artists and writers much like Legends of the Dark Night. Not just comics top tier talents but up and comings as well. 

  16. @ScottB — Oh, that’s a stellar idea.  Maybe Daniel Way will get distracted by ruining Deadpool, and they’ll relaunch Origins (or a ‘Logan’ ongoing) with a similar premise.

  17. How is Origins still being published and why does Way still have a job? I picked up that book through the first story arc and not only did almost nothing happen in each issue but they only took about 2 minutes to read. That story could have been told in half the time. Dillon’s art was the only saving grace.

  18. This was the best book of the week for me.


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