28 spell-binding and skin-crawling issues of Locke & Key – crammed into one! Time flies… when you’re fighting for your life!

Writer: Joe Hill
Art & Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.0%
Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. This will be the first comic I read this week.

  2. What the hell does that solicit mean?!?! I’m so giddy for this to hit.

  3. I am guessing someone goes into the future which translates into a permanent timejump for us.

  4. Hill and Rodriguez really went out of the box on issue #1 of this mini.  Knowing that they have that kind of creativity in them and reading this solicit has me really excited

  5. No one else is doing comics on this level. It’s amazing. 

  6. If the Eisner’s does a best single issue of the year, this needs to be it.  Bonus points for the subtle Kitty Pryde reference.

  7. Heartbreaking, awesome, perfectly crafted…

    I’m so seriously invested in these characters. I fear for Kinsey and the consequences of her inability to feel fear and sorrow. For Tyler and his newfound and dangerous will to be all manly and "badass". For… Well, I shall stop now.

    The low pulls amaze me. I hope the TV series helps to give this comic the recognition it deserves (the highest, that is).

  8. No question that this comic does it better issue for issue than 99% of what is on the stands.  Hill and Rodriguez are the perfect combo and I hope to see readers give them a chance.  Pick up the trades!!!!

  9. Everytime I think the last issue was incredible the next one tops it. This was…amazing.

  10. @cromulent – totally agree.  This mini especially, it seems like they’re pushing the boundaries creatively.  Keys to the Kingdom #1 was my favorite issue in the overall series until this one.  The plot line with Tyler and his girlfriend is among the most impressively constructed thread I’ve ever seen in a single issue.

  11. I read #2 issue just last night and am happily surprised to see this latest issue out so soon since they indicated #3 wouldn’t be out until December.  Like Sinead O’connor sang, “Nothing Compares…” to this book.  If I wanted to turn on somebody who thinks comics are for dweebs and dorks, I’d proffer up this book for them to read.  If they feel the same way afterwards, then there’d be no hope for them, ever!  This books entire team is putting out a product that makes me proud to be on board for the ride.  This team is raising the bar for the rest of the comic creative world and it is a good thing.

  12. Anybody else notice how the blood on the cover is done so that it’s kinda sticky when you run your fingers over it?

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