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  1. Phenomenal book. I wish I could experience it all again for the first time. Hope the jam some nice extras in here.

  2. @southbymidwest – this book is HUGE! not only is it an over-sized hardcover but it’s 400 pages worth of awesomeness. almost 70 of those pages are extras. everyone needs this.

  3. They really outdid themselves on this one. An amazing package!

  4. Btw, fans of Local who live in NY,

    B. Wood is throwing a release party along with Ryan Kelly at Rocketship Comicbook Store on Thursday, Sept 25th @ 7 PM…

  5. really really good series. its amazing and its HUMONGOUS!! i love it. im glad i waited just to get the entire book

  6. I love this book.  I read the last 2 issues because I got them for free out of the cheap comic box at my local comic store.  And I bought the Hardcover because I was intrigued by those issues.  I read the whole thing in one night and have been re-reading parts of this every since.  This is fantastic.

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