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LIGHT #1 (OF 5)

The new series from the writer of OLYMPUS and the artist of THE SURROGATES. In Oregon, a mysterious virus infects anyone that looks into an electric light. An abusive father blindfolds his daughter and together they escape town as people are burning alive from the inside out. A fierce, action-packed and gritty tale of survival, THE LIGHT is 28 DAYS LATER meets 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

art & cover BRETT WELDELE

Price: $2.99
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akamuu04/13/10NoRead Review


  1. This looks awesome, and takes place in my hometown! Yay for small coastal towns most people have never heard of before except in mention with The Goonies. 

  2. I’m looking forward to this.  Unique Image miniseries.  I can’t get enough.

    No offense to these creators, but what about a series written by Robert Venditti and art by Christian Ward?

  3. Picked it up today and it’s fantastic…I smell movie.

  4. This book caught my eye at the shop today, but I didn’t buy it. Might wait for the trade instead.

  5. Yeah i saw the solicit some months back and thought "eh". but after hearing the interview the guys at CGS had with the creators, i couldnt NOT pick it up. After reading i thought it was a pretty cool concept. After all the mini number 1’s ive picked up the last couple weeks, i think this is the only one i’ll follow in issues, or follow at all for that matter.

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