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  1. i thought the shooter business started out well a while back, but i think it’s clear that the story was cut short. too bad, this has been fun.

    so, how awesome will the adventure comics relaunch be?

  2. Where the heck is Legion of Three Worlds??!!!

  3. Next week…

  4. Awww not even double sized for the finale? Issue #1 was the first issue I picked up when I started to get back into comics, and has been a pretty good read the whole run. I’m sorry to see you go, but I hope the re-launch will bring you crazy kids back to prominence. 

  5. Um…what happened here? Shooter didn’t even write this issue?

  6. I wanted to love this book, but the one and only true legion is the eighties baxter series…bring them back as the one true legion!!!!

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